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Larceny Lands Gay, Fendler in Jail

By Staff | Jul 29, 2015

Co-defendants Megan Gay, 31, of 148 East Thistle Dr., New Martinsville, and Shannon Fendler, 31, of 306 Poplar St., St. Marys, were sentenced by Judge David W. Hummel to incarceration Monday, July 20, in Wetzel County Circuit Court.

Previously, on July 10, Gay had pleaded guilty to the lesser included offense of petit larceny, while Fendler pleaded guilty to grand larceny. The offenses occurred December 2014 at Peebles in New Martinsville.

At the sentencing hearing on Monday, Fendler stated she took responsibility for her actions. She said she was not a bad person, but she made bad decisions. She stated she would be grateful if the court would let her go to rehab. Fendler said she would give the court her word, if they let her go to rehab, she would not squander the opportunity.

Fendler’s attorney noted the rehab facility Fendler was considering would cost the court and county nothing, that it was payable by Fendler’s husband’s insurance.

Fendler’s mother then spoke to the court. She explained she was not trying to make excuses, but she believed her daughter had a drug problem. Fendler’s mother stated her daughter had been in a car accident years ago, in which she broke her neck and ended up with a collapsed lung. She said the accident occurred four years ago, but Fendler’s progress toward recovery had been slow.

Fendler’s mother stated her daughter had two kids and went on to say her daughter was a good person who tries hard.

“If she’s in rehab with therapy and counseling, she’d do good,? said the mother.

When Gay was given a chance to speak to the court, she explained she had made a lot of progress in the past two years.

“There’s a desire to turn my life around,” Gay said. “I’ve been at home with my parents, taking care of my father.”

It was noted that Gay has actually been arrested 23 times.

Gay’s attorney, Kevin Neiswonger, agreed that his client has been arrested many times for a “string of petty offenses and driving offenses.” However, Neiswonger explained, his client says she “is tired of this.”

“She just wants this over with,” Neiswonger explained, adding that this sentiment “refreshing after years of knowing Megan.”

Prosecuting Attorney Timothy Haught said the state had agreed to remain silent on the case involving Fendler. However, as to Gay, he explained the state had reserved the right to argue sentencing.

Haught said he respects Neiswonger as an attorney and believed Neiswonger was sincere. However, “I’m getting tired of this too,” Haught said of Gay.

“I don’t see much work in her history,” Haught explained. “Her history is lacking in that record. She says she’s been trying to get her life together over the past few years, but she was arrested a year ago for petit larceny.”

Judge Hummel, prior to sentencing the duo, further reiterated the fact that Fendler and Gay left two innocent children in the car while shoplifting. He further explained that Fendler was once given an alternative sentence to stay in Florida but had absconded. “Alternative sentencing is off the table,” he remarked, explaining Fendler had committed a malicious knifing while in Florida.

Gay was sentenced to one year in jail, while Fendler was given a one to 10 year sentence in the West Virginia Penitentiary for Women.