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Work arrested on drug charges in Monroe County

By Staff | Jul 22, 2015

Robert Jason Work

Annalisa, 39, and Robert Jason Work, 38, of Clarington, Ohio, were both arrested and placed in Northern Regional Jail on July 17 due to indictments that were handed down from the Monroe County Grand Jury last week.

These drug-related charges actually stem from a search warrant that was executed at Work’s residence to obtain Work’s vehicle, which was involved in a Wetzel County fatal hit and run in June 2015.

At the time, Robert Jason Work refused to give consent to officers to enter his Clarington residence to recover the vehicle in question. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office obtained a search warrant and executed it.

During this time period, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office had actually been investigated Work for a while on drug-related instances. Monroe County’s law enforcement knew there was a high probability there was meth cooking in the house, so Sheriff Charles Black of Monroe County Sheriff’s Office directed his meth unit to clear the house of threats. The meth unit consequently noticed narcotics in several rooms of Work’s house, along with drug-related paraphernalia.

The West Virginia State Police obtained and recovered Work’s vehicle. Meanwhile, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office obtained an additional search warrant for the narcotics that were observed. Field tests were performed, which showed one substance positive for meth, while another substance tested positive for a hallucinogenic. Pills, needles, marijuana, and an area to grow marijuana were also discovered.

Annalisa Work

In the downstairs of the residence, a very narrow hallway led to a net, which appeared to be an area for marijuana growth.

Since the June 2015 search, Work had bonded out of jail in regards to his Wetzel County charge – leaving the scene with a fatality. Since then, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office had submitted the evidence from the search to the Bureau of Criminal Investigations. Black stated in an interview by phone on Monday, July 20, that the results from the results were returned just a week prior to last week’s grand jury.

Black states that Robert Jason Work, along with wife, Annalisa, were each charged with two counts of manufacturing of drugs, illegal assembly of chemicals to manufacture drugs, aggravated possession of drugs, possession of heroin, and possession of LSD.

Work and his wife were picked up in Wetzel County on July 17. The Works waived extradition to Monroe County. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has until Aug. 3 to transport the duo to Ohio to be arraigned on their Ohio charges.

In another matter related to Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Black reports that at approximately 1 a.m., July 20, there was a traffic stop initiated the office’s K-9 unit on State Route 7, around Mile Post 16. Jay Adkins, 43, of Patriot, Ohio and Marvin, Marsillett, 54, of Prestonburg, Kentucky, were both arrested.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office canine officer alerted law enforcement to three different locations on the suspect’s vehicle. An interior search revealed five grams of heroin; two guns; one of which was loaded; prescription medication, cash, and several forms of drug paraphernalia.