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Counselors Take in Training Class

By Staff | Jul 22, 2015

Photo by Lauren?Matthews Drs. Ed Jacobs and Chris Schimmel lead a special counselors’ training at Wetzel County School’s board office. The training lasted July 14 and 15 and was organized by Todd Barcus, Attendance Director and Student Support Services Director at Wetzel County Schools.

Wetzel County Schools’ Counselors had the opportunity to sharpen their skills in a special training sessions with counseling faculty from West Virginia University.

The training was held July 14-15 and was led by Drs. Ed Jacobs and Chris Schimmel. The training, Todd Barcus, Attendance Director and Student Support Services Director at Wetzel County Schools explained, updated counselors on various techniques, including the implementation of props, small-group counseling, and use of visuals such as drawings and and marker boards.

“School counseling is changing,” Schimmel explained.

Schimmel added that many individuals still see counseling in an old-school manner, in that counselors spend the majority of time in their offices working on attendance or graduation paperwork. However, according to Schimmel, this is not the case.

Wetzel County Schools’ counselor, Sherry Croasmun agrees. Croasmun, who has been a school counselor for 18 years, explained how school counselors are now used for bringing in programs to the schools, dealing with issues such as bullying, diversity and tolerance, and supporting positive behavior programs. Croasmun is grateful for the opportunity for further learning, crediting the “great and supportive” school administration for the opportunity for further learning.

“Wetzel County Schools has added three counseling positions in the last few years so that every school now has a full-time counselor,” Barcus said. “We have done this in an effort on developing the whole-child so that all aspects of their education may improve including academics, career and college readiness, and social-emotional. Additionally, this workshop was a great experience for our counselors as they were able to further their professional learning from two experts in the counseling profession in Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Schimmel.”