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Sportsman’s Club Speaks On Outdoor Odyssey

By Staff | Jul 8, 2015

Shown are attendees of the second annual “Outdoor Odyssey” trip.

At the June 9 meeting of the Wetzel County Commission, the commission heard a report from Valley High Schools’ Sportsman’s Club representatives regarding the “Outdoor Odyssey” four-day trip the group took in May.

The commission watched a slideshow presentation prepared by the club. Marisa Shannon and Tyler Stoneking, two students who went on the trip were in attendance at the meeting to vouch for the merits of the trip. Stoneking remarked that he “enjoyed everything.”

More freshmen attended Outdoor Odyssey this year. Trip attendees are required to participate in five activities, as the trip advisors want students to give back.

Chanda Spragg, who attended the trip with her husband, Deputy Roger Spragg of the Wetzel County Sheriff’s Office, spoke of the students who attended the trip.

“Each young adult has their own story,” she said. “They come on the trip and hatch out of their shells. The things I learned about kids will forever affect me. It’s great to have a diverse crowd.”

The adults had the opportunity to learn from the trip as Donald Bordenkircher, learns to fly fish.

Two students from Hundred High School also went on the trip. Earley stated that perhaps the Sportsman’s Club can start opening the trip up to other Wetzel County students in the future.

The Sportsman’s Club thanked the following individuals who gave presentations during the trip: Zac Evans, federal trapper; Roy Moose, forestry service, and Bubba Holt, trout unlimited.

Chaperones included Mary Bordenkircher of the Wetzel County Sheriff’s Office, Roger (Chanda) Spragg of the WCSO, Billy and Melissa Midcap, Heather Bassett, and Robert Brown.

The club also is grateful to Dominion for the hard hats the students wore during cave exploring. Furthermore, Harrison County Parks and Recreation allowed students to use lamps. Scott Shannon also made salad dressing and hot dog sauce for the Sportsman’s Club to take on the trip. Mike McGuane is also credited for being a continued supporter of the Sportsman’s Club.

Additionally, Earley remarked she likes the fact the club had three deputies (Mary and Donald Bordenkircher, and Roger Spragg) to patrol the grounds day and night to make sure the club “was safe and sound since a public road runs in the forest.”

Earley says the trip is a “wonderful way to teach the students about our beautiful state and how important it is to be respectful and appreciate what we have.”

“I enjoy watching them while we have our workshops on trapping, snakes, bugs, fish, and skeet shooting. We get to see them outside the four walls and shine in the “natural” classroom.”