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Council Schedules Clean Up Day July 25

By Staff | Jul 8, 2015

Fran Caldwell, Chairman of the City Clean-up Committee, approached the New Martinsville Council at its regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, July 6, about cleaning up the city.

Caldwell stated that people need to take pride in their city and home and that starts with council. She is looking for suggestions on things that they could do.

“We need some organization on some of the things the city needs to do. It is imperative that the city sees who is responsible,” Caldwell said.

Mayor Keith Nelsen stated that he would like to do another day cleaning at city hall. The agreed upon date is July 25 at 10 a.m. and volunteers are welcome.

Councilman Jeremy Shepherd opened the bid for the VFD 2014-2015 Model Fire Apparatus. The bid is for a third pumper truck for the fire department. This would serve as a back up since the other two trucks are over seven years old. The bid was sent back to the fire department for review. The fire department will be paying for the new pumper truck out of its own funds.

The council approved the following items:

– Resolution in reference to approving the change of control of the cable franchise from Suddenlink to Cequl Corporation doing business as Suddenlink;

– Recommendation from committee in reference to the Rossman Collection Services Agreement for our billing office.

– The first reading of the city of New Martinsville granting the franchise to Cebridge Acquisitions, LLC, for the construction and operation of a cable system.