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Officer K-9 Ryder Passes Away

By Staff | May 29, 2015

K-9 Ryder


The New Martinsville Police Department has released a statement regarding the death of K-9 Officer Ryder.

The NMPD states that Ryder was NMPD’s first K-9 Unit and gave eight years of service to the city and to the NMPD.

“Officer K-9 Ryder was loyal and dedicated to NMPD and to our city,” the statement adds.

Tim Cecil, Police Chief for NMPD added that Ryder has “gotten more drugs off the streets than any other officer.”

“We thank officer K-9 Ryder for his dedication and his loyalty to our city,” Cecil stated.

Furthermore, it is explained that Officer K-9 Ryder was handled by Patrolman Tony Thomas until 2011. When Thomas took another job at another department, he had to give Officer K-9 Ryder back to NMPD.

“One of the hardest things I had to do was to give Ryder back. But I knew he was going to a good home and would be well taken care of. Thank you Donnie Harris.”

Officer K-9 Ryder has been with Detective Harris in investigations since that time. NMPD adds that Ryder “will be missed by so many family, friends, and co-workers. His favorite thing to do was to be with kids during Detective Harris’ talks at the schools and other local events.”

Holly Harris, wife of Detective Harris states that Ryder passed at home a short time after playing fetch, which was his favorite thing to do. Holly adds that Ryder was always invited to all the proms but Donnie wasn’t. “Donnie aalways laughed about that!” she remarked.

Holly also stated that Ryder wasn’t just her husband’s partner, as he was a member of the family. “He will be missed by many,” Holly added.

Donnie stated that Ryder lived in his home and will always be a part of his life. “Rest in peace, my K-9 brother,” he stated.

NMPD states that they want to send their condolences, thoughts, and prayers to the families of Detective Donnie Harris and Patrolman Tony Thomas.

“Rest in peace Officer K-9 Ryder. Your services here are done and will forever be greatly appreciated. We thank you for your partnership and service to our community. You will be greatly missed!”

It was also added that a memorial service is being planned to honor Officer K-9 Ryder.

In the meantime, Officer Michael Owens of NMPD has started a Go Fund Me account to purchase a memorial for Officer K-9 Ryder. The Go Fund me account can be accessed at www.gofundme.com/vrrzjg

Original Story:

It has been reported that K-9 Patrolman Ryder of the New Martinsville Police Department has passed away.

Detective Donnie Harris, who was also K-9 Ryder’s Handler and Partner, broke the news on Facebook Friday morning. Harris reported that Ryder passed a short time after playing fetch yesterday.