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BOE Gets Update on Technology System

By Staff | May 13, 2015

Wetzel County Schools Technology Supervisor Benjamin McPherson provided the Wetzel County Board of Education with an update regarding the progress of the school’s technology system, including its aspirations to eventually provide each student with a device for learning.

McPherson explained the technology department main “We usually run about 20 to 25 work in progresses. Some of those are held temporarily,” McPherson added.

McPherson noted that the technology department has worked on 320 different tasks since January. With the SchoolDude website, the department can keep track of what school made a request and what the department has done to fulfill that request.

SchoolDude allows McPherson and his crew to email the school in return to let them know that they have fulfilled their request, along with what the department did. McPherson noted that Adam Herrick of the technology department has been working on the school system’s website.

“He’s been working on it when I don’t keep him busy with other things; it’s going to be looking better,” McPherson explained of Herrick.

Furthermore, according to McPherson, James Froehlich, the technology integration specialist, along with Josh Weekley of the technology department, have been working on network management, described by McPherson “as all the connections we have.” McPherson himself has been focusing on everything that has to do with the West Virginia Education Information System (WVEIS), report cards, and transcripts, user login issues, roster uploads to Edline, and data pools from the from the department of education. McPherson noted that Weekley recently took over the data pools from the department of education. “We’ve been working on it for a while, the electronic registrar online, which should change how teachers register for professional development.”