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Ham And Bacon Show Sets New Record

By Staff | Mar 18, 2015

Rice Energy, represented by Todd Varrner, purchased the grand champion ham from Rebeckah Barnette for $95 per pound, or $2,280.

The 47th annual Wetzel County 4-H/FFA Ham and Bacon Show held Friday attained a new record, raising $71,628.13. In fact, that was more than $7,00 more than last year’s total, which was a record at the time.

The well-attended event at the Wetzel County 4-H Grounds Mollohan Center featured ham, bacon, and eggs as raised by Wetzel County students.

The grand champion ham was exhibited by Rebeckah Barnette. Weighing 24 pounds, it sold to Rice Energy for $95 per pound, or $2,280. The grand champion bacon exhibited by Lily Morris sold to Wetzel County Assessor Scott Lemley for $235 per pound, or $1,703.75 for the 7.25 pound item. The grand champion dozen eggs sold for $800 to Pierce Farms. They were exhibited by Gavyn Tedrow.

The reserve champion ham was raised and prepared by Colby Sidenstricker. The 22.5-pound entry was sold for $70 per pound, or $1,575, to Union Bank. Gastar Exploration purchased the reserve champion bacon from Melanie Thomas for $2,325, or $300 per pound for 7.75 pounds. The reserve champion eggs were shown by Casandra Henderson and purchased by TransEnergy for $750.

The show also includes three items sold specifically to help endow the Paul Henderson Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship ham, donated by the Pine Grove FFA, was sold to the Wileyville Volunteer Fire Department for $2,500. The WVFD purchases the scholarship ham every year and uses it in their chicken and ham dinner fund raiser to be held in April, although a date has yet to be set. The scholarship bacon, donated by the Hundred FFA, was sold to Drilling Appalachian Corporation (DAC) for $1,150. The special FFA Carhartt jacket went for $1,500 to Country Roads Ford.

Lily Morris sold her grand champion bacon to Wetzel County Assessor Scott Lemley for $235 per pound, or $1,703.75.

This year’s scholarship winners were recognized. They are Logan Kuhn, Paige Shriver, and Casandra Henderson of Hundred High School; Lathe Ueltschy, Kailee Haught, Megan Martin, J.D. Morris, and Alyssa Kinkade of Valley High School; and Colby Sidenstricker and Patrick Stoflinsky from Magnolia High School. Each will receive a $500 scholarship after successfully completing their first semester of college.

The producers at this year’s show were Abbie Stout, Alex Bassett, Alyssa Kinkade, Annie Fox, Austin Stiles, Bill Mace, Brenden Cumberledge, Casandra Henderson, Charles Matthews, Cheyenne Coen, Colby Sidenstricker, Danny Kolat, Davin Copeland, Derek Crihfield, Ethan Umstead, Evan Harter, Evi Booher, Gavyn Tedrow, Hailey Eastham, Holden Moore, Jacob Kuhn, Jacob Ueltschey, JD Morris, Jennifer Yoho, Joey Sidenstricker, Jordanlea Cumberledge, Justin Bassett, Kailee Haught, Kaitlyn Kuhn, Katelyn Anderson, Katherine Henderson, Lathe Ueltschey, Liam Midcap, Lily Morris, Logan Haught, Logan Kuhn, Madysen Wheeler, Maggie Hornbeck, Maggie Ueltschy, Mary Bassett, Megan Martin, Melanie Thomas, Meliah Umstead, Nicole Smith, Paige Shriver, Patrick Stoflinsky, Rebeckah Barnette, Sharon Gump, Sydney Hoyle, Valerie Soles, Whitney Gump.

Purchasers were Sunny Slope Farm/ Kenny Eastham; Tennant Funeral Home / Roger Tennant; Hundred Farm Supply / Charles Cumberledge; Glover’s Oil & Gas / Fred Glover; Glover’s Trucking; Perkins Oil & Gas; Perkins Oil & Supply; Glover’s Mobile Truck Service / Keith & Renee Glover; McDonald’s; Brian and Tracy Thomas; The Feed Store; Lee Holsey; Parrish Family / Ken Parrish; Denoon Lumber Company / Howard Flesher; Ridge 2 River Realty / Steve Zechman; Blue Mountain Inc. / Doug and Wanda Six; Underwood Timber, Chipwood LLC; DAC Energy, LLC; Witschey’s; David Morris; Scott Lemley / Wetzel Co. Assessor; Simon’s Market / Weldon Williams; Jarvis Funeral Home / Weldon Williams; Williams Funeral Home / Weldon Williams; Town & Country Days; A-L Concrete / Alan Miller; WesBanco / Kathy Wissmar; First Exchange Bank – Hundred / Rose Snyder; Miss Blue’s Restaurant; John E. Brookover; Gastar Explorations / Jerry Duelley; Backwoods Ent. LLC / Beverly Vanscyoc; Dominion / Brian Leary; Willeyville Volunteer Fire Dept.; Dallison Lumber Inc. / Ed Dallison; Carol Copeland; Country Roads Ford / Charlie Stout; A & A Supply / Alan Hunt; Union Bank Inc.; Misty Valley Farms / Jim Andenora; Williams Energy; Esquire / Eric Hayhurst; Bucher Excavating; Pierce Farm Services / Ike Pierce; Mike Koontz / Chief Deputy Wetzel Co. Sherriff’s Dept; National Wild Turkey Federation / William Ritchea; Trans Energy / Bill Woodburn; Larry Lemon / County Commissioner; Huskie Lumber / Fred Six; HF Gas; Hartman & Hartman Constructors / Anthony Domitrovich; Logan Hassig, Attorney; Henderson Farms; Jack’s Excavating / Jack Pratt; Black Diamond Equipment Rental; Mountain Valley Vet Clinic / Shaun Meckley; Meckley Farms / Shaun Meckley; Lucky D Farm / Bonnie Durig; Hundred Insurance Agency / Brian Williams; Varner Farms; Rice Energy / Kurt Katchmark; Tri County Insurance; and Brian Pratt / Casey Miner.

Gavyn Tedrow’s grand champion dozen eggs were purchased by Pierce Farms, represented by Ike Pierce, for $800.