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Bust Yields Heroin, Suboxone

By Staff | Feb 25, 2015

Brittany Jo Powell, 30, of 125 Central Street, New Martinsville, has been charged with felony delivery of a controlled substance after a traffic stop was conducted on Feb. 10.

The magistrate report filed in the case states that on the evening the offense occurred, while on patrol, Officer Jason Utt spotted an individual at an apartment complex located at 175 North Street. Utt noticed that the individual turned away quickly as he drove past. Knowing the area is known for high drug traffic, Utt pulled the cruiser into the parking lot on the east side of Witschey’s, facing the complex. Utt noticed the individual talking on a cellular phone.

Utt then noticed a silver car with three occupants pull into the parking lot of the apartment complex. As soon as the silver car stopped, the individual in the sweatshirt approached the driver side door, knelt down, and extended his arm inside the driver side window. The report states that the individual made a hand to hand transaction with the driver of the car; the individual then walked back inside of the apartment complex, and the silver car pulled out of the parking lot and headed east on North Street.

Utt conducted a traffic stop on the silver car, in which Powell gave written consent to search the vehicle. A physical search of the vehicle turned up seven stamp bags of heroin as well as 14 packets of Suboxone. The Suboxone was prescribed to the defendant on Feb. 10, for a total of 14.

The three occupants of the vehicle were transported to the New Martinsville Police Department. Powell was read her Miranda rights and interviewed by Detective Donald Harris. Powell admitted that she sold her prescription to another individual prior to being pulled over. She stated she had 14 because she had some leftover from the last prescription. New Martinsville Police Chief Tim Cecil stated that the two other occupants of the vehicle, Jennifer Read, 29, of Paden City; and Jonathan Stearns, 28, of New Martinsville, were both charged with conspiracy with intent to deliver. Chief Cecil stated that Read had attempted to hide the heroin from NMPD prior to their search.