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Man Arrested With Pills

By Staff | Jan 21, 2015

John Joseph Hopkins

John Joseph Hopkins, 28, of HC 60 Box 141, New Martinsville, was arrested by law enforcement officers Thursday and charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.

The magistrate report, filed by New Martinsville Police Department Patrolman Jason Utt, states that at 4:20 p.m. Thursday, NMPD dispatch received a call from an individual wanting to speak to an officer. The individual stated that she left Witschey’s in New Martinsville and while standing outside the entrance, Hopkins offered to sell her Vicodin for $8 per pill. Hopkins allegedly stated he had plenty of Vicodin.

Utt left the NMPD and upon approaching the intersection of Martin Avenue and North Street, he saw Hopkins walking east on North Street with two other individuals. Utt activated his emergency blue lights and pulled the patrol vehicle up beside the defendant. He exited the vehicle and asked the defendant what he had been doing. Hopkins allegedly stated he had just left Witschey’s.

The magistrate report states that Utt asked Hopkins if he had any Vicodin on him. The defendant admitted to having one in his pants pocket. Utt asked the defendant to empty his pockets; the defendant pulled out a clear plastic wrapper that contained 18 white oval pills that had M366 printed on one side. It was confirmed that the pills were a generic version of Vicodin.

After being mirandized, Hopkins admitted he had received the hydrocodone from another individual who had asked him to sell the pills for $7 each. Hopkins noted he was going to sell them for $8 so he could collect a profit. Hopkins stated he had not sold any of the hydrocodone. When asked about trying to sell the pills to the woman at Witschey’s, Hopkins stated that the female had approached him and asked him if he had anything, allegedly referring to narcotics. Hopkins stated after he told the woman about the pills, she left and called NMPD.

The defendant was placed under arrest and bond was set at $10,000.

“It was a nice, quick job,” Cecil stated of the bust. “A civilian called in that this happened. With the community cooperating we were able to obtain another arrest for drugs.”

In another matter, Joseph Robert Adams, 23, of Route 2 Box 516, New Martinsville, was arrested Sunday and charged with attempted nighttime breaking and entering.

The magistrate report on the case states that NMPD Patrolman Michael Owens responded to a call at 3:30 a.m. regarding an attempted breaking and entering in New Martinsville. While en route, Owens was advised the subject, a male with a beard wearing a camouflage jacket, had left the scene on foot.

Owens located the subject and detained him.

Owens then called complainant and asked her to report to the NMPD to give a statement. The complainant was also able to identify the suspect. She stated that Adams attempted to open the side door of her home. She stated he jiggled the doorknob, as well as pushed on the door several times.

Bond for Adams was set at $2,000 cash.