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Walking Into A Winter Wonderland

By Staff | Dec 24, 2014

Becky Baker loves Christmastime, as evident by this picturesque scene.

It’s the third year for Becky Baker and mother Linda Ebert’s Christmas village-and it’s obvious the town is growing.

Baker, a New Martinsville resident, has no plans of quitting. In fact, Baker states that she wants to expand her Christmas village into an additional room next year.

Perhaps she will get this wish as she requests additional Christmas accessories for special occasions, such as her birthday.

For this year’s village however, Baker and Ebert have spent over 48 hours getting the town in tip-top shape; this is double the amount of hours of last year’s endeavor.

Baker states that this year she has added a “round up” and “bumper cars,” to the village’s carnival, as well as a zoo, a Harley-Davison shop, train, and several pieces from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, including a frustrated Clark Griswold “outside” of a house, fiddling with extension cords.

Pictured is Becky Baker and Linda Ebert with their Christmas village, which took over 48 hours to construct.

Baker’s Christmas spirit does not end with the village though, as evident by the several beautifully decorated Christmas trees in her house, including a special WVU tree.

Pictured is Baker’s WVU Christmas tree. (Photo by Bruce Crawford)