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Drennen Given Original Sentence

By Staff | Nov 26, 2014

Diana S. Drennen, 26, of 187 North State Route 2, Apt. C-202, New Martinsville, was sentenced to one to five years in prison, her original sentence, for violating the conditions and terms of her probation.

Prosecuting Attorney Timothy Haught stated that the matter had come on the Wetzel County Circuit Court docket Nov. 6 for an adjudicatory hearing and the defense had agreed to stipulate to certain allegations so that the state wouldn’t have to put on any evidence.

The court was informed that on July 15 Drennen pleaded guilty to count one of her three-count indictment, delivery of a controlled substance (marijuana). She was sentenced to one to five years in the West Virginia Penitentiary for Women, with credit for eight days already served. However, the execution of this prison sentence was suspended and she was placed on probation for two years, as well as required to participate in drug court.

When asked what her understanding was to the terms she had been alleged to violate, Drennen responded that she helped her boyfriend steal gas and she shoplifted. Drennen stated that she went inside the store and paid for the gasoline while her boyfriend stole an extra $10 of it. Drennen also confessed that at a different time she shoplifted two Redbulls and an iced coffee.

Haught noted that there was a special condition in Drennen’s former plea agreement in which she was required to participate in drug court. He said Drennen told Jennifer Call, the drug court coordinator, that she could not participate. “The state takes the position that that was a material term, in the plea agreement, that she participate in drug court.”

Drennen told Judge Hummel that she would cooperate, unlike before; Gardner stated that his client had been incarcerated for 42 days “and she has not been using.”

“She’s indicated she wants to participate in the drug court program,” Gardner stated to the judge.

“They all do when wearing orange,” Hummel noted.

There was also discussion regarding if Drennen was supposed to be taking Xanax and Prozac. Haught noted that he had subpoenaed Drennen’s doctor, who supplied him with an affidavit indicating that Drennen is not currently taking Xanax and Prozac.

“She was given the opportunity to participate in drug court,” Haught further argued. “She didn’t make an effort to wean herself off of that prescription. It’s not unusual for them to be weaned off drugs they are prescribed.

Haught stated that furthermore, Drennen broke the law on two separate occasion. “The revision to probation violations made by the legislature clearly indicate that the graduated sanctions do not apply to crimes,” he said.

Drennen once again apologized to the court, stating she “won’t do it again,” however, Judge Hummel stated that her words “ring hollow.”

“One to five, it is,” he noted.