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Lemon Runs Unopposed

By Staff | Oct 29, 2014

Larry Lemon

Larry Lemon is a candidate for the Wetzel County Commission. He was appointed to the commission in January 2013 to fill the last two years of an unexpired term. Lemon is unopposed in the general election and will begin his new six-year term in January 2015. He is a native of Wetzel County and the son of the late William E. and Ruth Berger Lemon. He is married to Anita Longwell, formerly of Sardis and they have a son, Adam, a special education teacher.

Wetzel County is enjoying a financial boost from natural gas activity. What do you feel is the best way to use that influx to best benefit the county now and in the future?

Lemon: I feel we must be both cautious and strategic in our spending of the additional tax revenue as a result of the oil and gas boom in our county. The County Commission fully recognizes this great opportunity which we may never again experience in our lifetime. The commission believes we should, whenever possible, spend any funds to extend more services to the taxpayer. For example, we have provided funding to extend more water service to communities out in the county; paid Air Evac memberships for all Wetzel County residents to cover out of pocket expenses for emergency air transports; and provided improvements at the 4-H campgrounds for more use by the public. This is just a sampling of the activities we are trying to do to make life better for county residents. In addition, local residents should know they can also directly help their county themselves. Residents that have been fortunate to benefit from drilling on their land should consider investing it back into the county through the Community Foundation of the Ohio Valley. This foundation, based in Wheeling, W.Va., works with individuals to provide a lasting way to benefit a favorite cause or address a need in their community. Please check out the website at: www.cfov.org.

Problems in the county with stray cats and other animals have been discussed. What action would you propose the county takes or supports to address this issue?

Lemon: The issue of stray cats in the county has recently been brought to the attention of the County Commission. We are researching the issue and discussed the problem with 10 other counties to see how they deal with the problem. There appears to be no one way other counties consistently deal with the issue. Under state law counties are only responsible for dogs, not cats. We hope to develop some options to address the problem in the near future.