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Board Approves Agenda Items

By Staff | Oct 22, 2014

The following matters were approved at the Oct. 20 meeting of the Wetzel County Board of Education, which was held at Valley High School for Local School Improvement Committee reports from VHS and Short Line School.


Katrina N. Adkins, acceptance of resignation from position as head cheerleading coach at Magnolia High School, effective immediately.

Stacy K. Hooper, acceptance of resignation from position as SAT coordinator at New Martinsville School, effective Oct. 7.

Shayne R. Minor, acceptance of resignation from position as seventh and eighth grade girls’ basketball coach at Long Drain School, effective Oct. 13.

David C. Riggle, acceptance of resignation from positions as countywide ESL teacher, head girls’ varsity basketball coach at Paden City High School, and assistant girls’ track coach at PCHS, effective Oct. 24.

Thomas M. Tisher, acceptance of resignation from position as assistant girls’ basketball coach at MHS, effective immediately.

Professional Personnel:

Haley D. Acree, approval for employment as countywide substitute teacher, effective Oct. 21. Non-certified.

Lindsey R. Leasure, approval for change in assignment from countywide substitute teacher to third grade teacher at SLS, effective Oct. 21.

Chad W. West, approval for change in assignment from school counselor at VHS, 215-day contract, to school counselor at PCHS, 215-day contract, effective beginning of the 2015-2015 school year or a replacement is found for VHS.

Service Personnel:

Faye K. Heasley, approval for change in assignment from supervisory teacher aide/early childhood classroom assistant teacher –

Kindergarten at PCES, 506/F, for the 2015-2016 school year, to supervisory teacher aide/early childhood classroom assistant teacher – pre-school at

David L. Miller, approval for change in assignment from evening custodian II at MHS, 682/B, 228-day contract, to evening custodian II at LDS, 682/B, 228-day contract, effective Oct. 21.

Jamie L. Snedden, approval for change in assignment from countywide substitute supervisory teacher aide to countywide-itinerant supervisory teacher aide/sign support specialist – special education (one-on-one), based at HHS, 518/F, effective Oct. 21.


Diane M. Brown, approval for contracted services position as mentor teacher -special education at MHS, effective Oct. 21.

Phillip B. Hulsey, approval for employment as assistant girls’ basketball coach at MHS, effective the beginning of the 2014-2015 WVSSAC season.

Regina L. Lemley, approval for employment as eighth grade boys’ basketball coach at SLS, effective the beginning of the 2014-2015 WVSSAC season. non-certified.

Valerie A. Stevens, approval for contracted services position as countywide chief GED examiner, effective Oct. 21.

Leave of Absence:

Approval of request from Stacy K. Hooper for an ‘unpaid family medical leave of absence’ from her position as reading intervention teacher at NMS under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) beginning upon depletion of her personal leave and permissive personal leave days, from Oct. 16 through 12 weeks.

Routine Matters:

Request to Attend Wetzel County Schools:

Approval of request from Johnny Myers for his son, Levi Myers, to continue attending Wetzel County Schools (VHS) for the 2014-2015 school year, pending release from Marion County.

Out of State Trips:

Approval of request from the kindergarten and first grade teachers at NMS, to take the kindergarten students on Oct. 27 and the first grade students on Oct. 28, to Sweet Apple Farms in Vincent, Ohio, for an educational farm tour. Funded through student fees.

Approval of request from Olivia Gump, first grade teacher, to take the first grade students from LDS to The Spring House in Washington, Pa., for a field trip to the Pumpkin Farm on Oct. 24. Funded through the First Grade class funds.

Approval of request from Dan Gottron, principal, to take Hundred High School students to Pittsburgh, Pa., for the HHS prom on the Gateway Clipper Boat, May 2, 2015. Funded through fundraisers and student fees.

Request to Use

School Facilities:

Approval of request from Karla S. Dulaney, event director, for Statoil to use the HHS auditorium to host a community event on Nov. 13, 5-8 p.m.

Approval of the following Chaperones/Volunteers for the 2014-2015 School Year:

Paden City High School: Brian Price

Hundred High School: Linda Henderson and Howard Henderson

New Martinsville School: Stacey Adams, Ocia Adams, Jim Agar, Helen Agar, Jennifer Amos, Shannon Anderson, Derek Anderson, Gail Anderson, John Anderson, Amanda Anderson, Karli Aston, Heather Barnes, Jason Blair, Tiffany Cone, James Dorcy, James Archer, Joshua Balcerek, Melissa Balcerek, George Ballinger, Megan Ballinger, Trey Barcus, Lloyd Bard, Vanessa Bard, Heather Barnes, Natasha Barrows, Abigail Batton, Brittany Baxter, Eddie Blake, Tosha Blake, Jamie Blake, Marissa Bland, John Boggs, Terri Boggs, Trinitee Bright, Crystal Bright, Ryan Broughman, Cindy Burgey, Lindsey Carvoo, Vonnie Castilow, Rochelle Cecil, Aaron Cisar, Melinda Clinton, Jessica Conley, DeWayne Conley, Amy Cooley, Don Cooley, Heather Cooper, Bill Coulter, Christina Coulter, Cory Coulter, Casey Coulter, Nancy Cox, Julie Cozard, Timothy Cozard, Danielle Crooks, Tiffany Cummings, Beth Cunningham, Ashley Daughtery, Landon Davis, Delcie Dawson, Stephanie Dawson, Abby Delaney, Kari Dinardo, Jennifer Dorcy, Chase Doty, Elaina Godfrey, Dawn Greathouse, Jamie Harlan, Shawn Harlan, Johnna Kinter, Nathanial Kinter, Benjamin Kocher, Rebecca Kocher, Kari McClure, Amber Doty, Christie Dudley, Amanda Duke, Krystin Dyer, Noah Ebert, Brent Eddy, Kim Eddy, Ruth Estep, Heather Estep, Miranda Estep, Pam Ferrell, Julie Finch, Julie Fluharty, Brandie Forrester, Cherri Forrester, Mick Frye, Telina Frye, Teresa Gilbert, Melody Glasscock, Diana Glendenning, Raelylyn Glendenning, Melissa Gobert, Wayne Goddard, Mary Ann Goddard, Nikki Goddard, Danny Goddard, Brandy Goding, Brenda Goodfellow, Mark Goodfellow, Derek Graham, Rachel Graham, Sheyanne Gravette, Kara Grimm, Heather Hale, Janie Hall, Tammy Hammel, Shawn Harlan, Jamie Harlan, Shaun Hartline, Trisha Hartline, Nathan Hauenstein, Khari Headley, Stacey Hedge, Josh Henthorn, Tonya Henthorn, Steven Hoagland, Melonie Hoagland, Amy Hopkins, Nickole Horn, Gregory Horn, Donna Horner, Evelyn, Bobbie Hughes, Teresa Ingold, Julie Jobes, Stephanie Johnson, David Johnson, Jeremy Johnson, Connie Johnston, David Kanneg,

Shawn Johnston, Jessica Kanneg, Sophia Kanneg, Heather Kastigar, Steve Kastigar, Sharon Kastigar, Jenna Kenne, Railynn Kenner, Dustin Keener, Misty Keener, Jennifer Keller, Nathaniel Kelly, Jessi Kelly, Christina Kenkade, Jessica Kirk, Jo Kirk, Christina Klug, Lacy Knight, Clifford Knisely, Rebecca Kocher, Jeremy Todd Leichliter, Amanda Leichliter, Ling Lin, Robert Litman, Kristen Litman, Betsi Long, Natasha Longwell, Roxann Longwell, Erica Lynch, Daniel Mayfield, Heather Mayfield, Robert McClure, Kelly Morgan, Christa Nash, Diane Nash, Nathan Nash, Randy Nash, Daniel Schaffer, Kathy Smith, Jeff Smith, Sean Stapel, Cherika Vaughn, Cindy Warren, Jason Warren, Reece Warren, Shey McGuire, Emily McGuire, Eric McKeever, Mike McVicker, Tonya McVicker, Carrie Melott, Trisha Mensore, Mary Miles, James Mitchell, Brandy Mitchell, David Moore, Rebecca Moore, Merisha Moore, Christopher Moore, Don Morgan, Tracy Morgan, Heather Morris, Mark Morris, Becky Mullett, Martika Murphy, Casey Myers, Ron Neely, Dona Neely, Jerri Nething, Christine Nice, Brian Nice, Debra Oates, Jason Patterson, Jamie Patterson, Sandra Pelletier, Audrey Pennell, Doug Phillips, Mandy Phillips, Brandon Poe, Andrea Poe, Donnie Postlethwait, April Rose Postlethwait, Heather Postlethwait, Myalie Pressley, Lori Preston, Christie Priem, Edward Priem, Barb Quinet, Matt Quinet, Nancy Quinet, Mike Quinn, Natasha Quinn, Susan Quinn, Don Reed, Nancy Reed, Erica Reed, Russell Reed, Lori Reed, Autumn Reed, Darian Reynolds, Amanda Rice, Heather Riley, Donald Roberts, Susan Roberts, Michael Scharf, Elizabeth Sellers, Lisa Shreve, Gale Shreve, Brittany Simmons, Ashley Simpkins, Amber Smith, Erin Smith, Allena Smith, Tracey Smith, Candy Smith, Angela Snider, Cherry Spitzer, John Sprowl, Temprince Stansberry, Sean Stapel, Christina Stapel, Tammie Steele, Rae Stillwagner, Erica Stillwagoner, Jennifer Stillwagoner, Joshua Stillwagoner, Brain Suter, Margo Suter, Kari Temple, Heather Tennant, Sherri Tennant, Cari Tennant, Pansy Tharp, Misty Thomas, Susan Thomas, Kay Thomas, John Thomas, Nancy Thompson, Megan Thompson, Teresa Thorn, Julie Valentin, Holly VanDusen, Stephanie Vargo, Gary Voorhis, Cindy Wade, Amy Wade, Alisha Warder, Rachel Ware, Michael Ware, Jacqueline Watkins, Kurt Watkins, Steve Wayman, Cindy Weber, Chelsey Weekley, Dar Welch, Karen Welch, Ashley Wells, Carly Wilcox, Bernadine Windland, Amy Witschey, Soriano Xiomara, Kevin Yeager, Connie Yeager, Mary Rose Yoho, Lisa Yoho, Sean Yoho, Laura Yost, and David Yow.

Memorandum of Understanding:

Approval of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Fairmont State University School of Education Health and Human Performance and Wetzel County Schools for the 2014-2017 schools years, which outline the goals and commitments for school-wide participation in the Professional Development School Partnership.

County and School Strategic Plan Annual Update:

Superintendent recommends approval of the Annual Update to the County and School Strategic Plans for the 2014-2015 school year.