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Stoflinsky Arrested For Lab

By Staff | Oct 15, 2014

Matthew E. Stoflinsky

Matthew E. Stoflinsky, 27, of 7127 Doolin Run Road, New Martinsville, has been charged with the felony offense of operating clandestine drug laboratories.

The sentence for this offense could be no less than two nor more than 10 years in the West Virginia Penitentiary for Men. Furthermore, Stoflinsky could be fined no less than $5,000 nor more than $25,000.

The police report, filed by Wetzel County Chief Deputy Mike Neff, states that on Sept. 18 Neff received a complaint from dispatch. When Neff arrived on the call, he was met by Mike Stoflinsky, the defendant’s father. Together, they went to the house in which his son resided, but Mike Stoflinsky owned to discuss the original reason for the call.

Mike Stoflinsky made entry into the house and then invited Neff inside. Neff reported that the two walked past the bathroom toward where Mike has a computer and several United States Postal Service boxes from where he sells things on eBay. Neff stated that as he followed Mike Stoflinsky, he noted in the kitchen area a bent spoon with white residue on it. Neff reports that based on training and experience, he realized this was likely drug paraphernalia. Neff reported that the white residue looked as if it had melted at one point and then resolidified on the spoon.

Neff reported that also in the kitchen, approximately five feet from the spoon, was a blue, metal flashlight with a white powdery substance on it that resembled the white residue found on the spoon. Neff stated that based on training and experience he knew that drug abusers commonly use heavy objects to crush pills and also to help refine powder drugs prior to melting them and injecting them into their bodies.

Permission to search the residence was requested from Matthew Stoflinsky since he was the primary resident. Neff reported that Matthew Stoflinsky said Neff could search if he had a search warrant. A warrant was obtained from Magistrate Tom Shepherd and he returned to the residence to search.

Neff reported that Matthew Stoflinsky was not at the residence when he arrived, however Mike Stoflinsky and Matthew’s girlfriend were. Neff reported that besides himself, Deputy Mike Koontz, Deputy Randy Adams, and Deputy Donald Bordenkircher entered the residence to conduct the search.

During the search, the WCSO found a clandestine meth lab in the cellar of the residence. Neff stated that he called the West Virginia State Police, as directed by Prosecutor Tim Haught.

The report states that “Sergeant Collins arrived on scene and collected evidence which included: two cans of Coleman Camp Fuel, one jug of muriatic acid (128 fl oz), two glass bottles with rubber hose, four plastic “pop” bottles, one glass Boone’s Farm bottle, several feet of miscellaneous tubing, and one white plastic funnel.” Neff stated that Collins took samples and gave samples to him, as well as collected evidence and took it with him.

Neff reported that during the search, law enforcement found 100-200 used and unused syringes, several stamp bags commonly known to contain heroin, unknown granulated and powdery substances, coffee filters with white residue, baggies commonly used for packaging heroin, several spoons with white residue, and an orange bowl with white residue, a snuff can with white residue on the lid, and several digital scales scattered around the house as well.

Bond was set at $20,000 surety for Stoflinsky and he is to appear in Wetzel County Magistrate Court for a preliminary hearing Oct. 20, 9 a.m.

Matthew Stoflinsky remains in Northern Regional Jail.

Chief Deputy Mike Koontz noted to the Wetzel Chronicle that the arrest of Matthew Stoflinsky is the result of “diligence and good observation by Deputy Neff.”