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Magnolia Team Gets New Flag

By Staff | Sep 3, 2014

The Magnolia High School Football Team has not had their own spirit flag since this one carried by the state champion 2010 team. Amy Cibik has made them a replica that they will carry onto the field Friday night.

The Magnolia High School football team now has a new flag to charge into their battles with thanks to the hard work and effort of one local football fan-Amy Cibik.

It’s been noted that the last time the boys had a flag of their own was in the 2010 State Championship game. The flag was then packed away after the season. However, a flood threat in 2011 forced MHS to move its belongings into the school’s field house and weight room.

Unfortunately the next season no one could find the flag. Last year the MHS boys ran into their games carrying a pennant that is supposed to be flying near the ticket booth. There were originally two of these pennants. However, one of those is missing too.

For the 2014 football season Cibik was asked if she could make the “boys of fall” a flag. All she had to go by was a picture of the flag from the state championship game and a “guestimate” of the dimensions.” However, Cibik went to work. The Wetzel Chronicle is told that she most likely made three trips to St. Clairsville-once to order the material, one to pick up the material, and a third time to retrieve the grommets. When told the pennants were half gone, Cibik did not complain. “Oh, I’ll just go to the field and see the poles and whip up something,” she is noted as saying.

Cibik also refused payment for her hard work, stating she is a Magnolia alum and was happy to do it.

The Blue Eagles recently discovered they would not be able to stay in a hotel prior to their game against Greenbrier West. When asked if they were upset by this development, they shrugged. But then Junior Zach Haught spoke up, asking one question: “Are we really getting a new flag?” Obviously the banner is important to the players.

When asked about her gift to the MHS football team, Cibik noted she was given a photo of the flag the team had a few years ago. “I love to sew and was happy to donate to the school and community,” she stated.