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Hundred Hires Part-Time Employee

By Staff | Aug 27, 2014

Hundred Town Council voted unanimously on Aug. 18 to hire Chris Yemm on a temporary basis for a part-time position with the city crew.

If his temporary employment is successful, then his part-time status will become permanent.

“I’m not afraid to get dirty,” he told council after his short interview in executive session.

After the vote to hire they told him to start work the next morning. “Thank you very much,” said Yemm.

In another employment matter, Maintenance Superintendent Terrell Greathouse said he is now released from his doctor to work without any restrictions. He was previously on light duty.

Mayor Charles Sine wanted council to vote on if Greathouse could continue to drive the city truck home, keeping it there when he is not working,

“I thought one of the reasons we built the shop down here (at the city park) was so we could keep the truck in the shop,” said Councilwoman Donna Himelrick.

Dave Derby countered, “He’s been driving it back home for years.”

Discussion continued where they appeared to come to a consensus that it could be advantageous for the town’s maintenance superintendent to have instant access to his truck in the case of an emergency. They particularly talked about how in the event of a large snow he might need the plow on the truck to even make his way from home to the garage.

When they voted on the matter, it passed to allow Greathouse to continue taking driving the truck to his home. No councilperson voted in opposition.

In another matter, Himelrick suggested that council note that the money they previously allocated for football field paint will remain in the parks account. “There is no reason to paint the field because we are not having a football team,” said Himelrick.

Council still expects to get the same amount from the board for the yearly lease of the property as it is used for baseball and softball. The town plans to use that money to make updates to the facilities at the field.

There has been some vandalism done to the concession stand at the field. Mayor Sine said that case will be handled in magistrate court as the city’s court cannot adjudicate juveniles. Greathouse put a light on the building to help deter future incidents.

Finally, council will be seeking bids for the rehabilitation of the pavilion at the park. A hot water line busted in the kitchen and it wasn’t found for an estimated four to five days. Consequently, there was steam and mold throughout the structure, ruining the bathrooms and kitchen.