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Council Discusses PC Parks, Streets

By Staff | Aug 13, 2014

Paden City Councilmen Dan Probst and Tom Trader gave reports on the city’s park and pool at the monthly meeting held Aug. 4.

Councilman Probst said he felt everything is going well. He mentioned there are 13 or 14 campers in the campground and baseball and softball is about finished. “So things are looking good,” said Probst.

Trader, park and pool commissioner, gave his report on the Music in the Park. He thanked the sponsors of this year’s event and said that money is still coming in. He said so far six bands have performed and attendance has really been good. He stated there are four more concerts to go. So far, from sponsors, he has collected $2,150, concessions sales have come to $771.85, and other donations have amounted to $637.21; for a total of $3,559.06. He said, they have decided to close the pool down Aug. 17, because Wetzel County Schools are starting Aug. 18. Trader also mentioned that at the last meeting they accepted the resignation of Marsha Toman due to her having to care for a parent. He also said at the next park meeting they would be discussing preparations for the upcoming haunted trail event.

Mayor John Hopkins mentioned that they have put about $10,000 into the swimming pool this year. “We were lucky to get the pool open because the wiring was in such poor condition,” noted Hopkins. He said a grant application is in the making and he doesn’t know when that money will be available. “We got the job done, but we have to get estimates just to satisfy the state, then we can submit the paperwork and get that taken care of,” said Hopkins. “With the pool running we have been getting big electric bills, but the campground is helping.”

Tina Booher of South Third Avenue asked Mayor Hopkins if he had received a response about the Smith house that burnt down. Hopkins said he had talked to the owner and she wanted to try and sell the property. He said she has some activity going on and someone has expressed an interest in buying. Hopkins said she has 90 days and he will go back and talk to her. He explained he had not talked directly to the interested party.

“What happens at the end of the 90 days?” Booher asked. Mayor Hopkins answered, “We will take action to go ahead and get it down and attach the property.” Booher asked, “How long after the 90 days would that take?” Hopkins replied it would not be long. “We’ve already waited 400 days,” responded Booher, Hopkins said he understood, but part of that was because it was sitting on the judge’s desk and the city had to wait a hearing to be held. “So we just lost some time there,” explained Hopkins.

Booher also brought to the mayor’s attention the height of the grass at the house and that her son had seen snakes. Hopkins said he would get the city crew down there to clean it up.

Under streets: There was discussion on accepting bids to sell the city’s street sweeper. It was noted that it was not working out like they expected and seemed to make more of a mess instead of cleaning up. A motion to advertise it for sale in the paper was approved unanimously.

Discussion was also held concerning paving Stephen Street from Second Avenue to First Avenue, including both intersections. Councilwoman Ginger Wilcox made the motion to have the work done contingent on properly preparing the surface first. The motion was unanimously approved. Council also approved a request from citizens on Westerman Street for a children at play sign.

Council unanimously authorized the city to send letters to property owners on Westerman Street and Pollock Street concerning trees needing trimmed. Wilcox said she had a complaint about junk cars on South Third Avenue and she went down and looked at them, plus she said there was junk one car parked on Tyler Street and she requested council approve sending letters to the owners of the cars. Council unanimously approved a motion to that affect.

Mayor Hopkins read a letter of appreciation from Margaret Hurst who owns property on Main Street. She thanked the city crew and Street Commissioner Clifford Duke on a job well done running a culvert through her lard to divert water run off. Hopkins said he also received a phone call from Greg Michaels, commending the crew for work well done on Van Camp Street near his home.

Wilcox reported that they had taken a look at the one way restriction on a portion of First Avenue. It is not as wide as other streets, so it does not allow enough room for cars to pass, let alone emergency vehicles. She also said they had requested a street light at the intersection of Robinson and Mill streets. Also, new stop signs were installed in various other locations. She also reported on an alley that did not need to be graveled.

Under finance: Council unanimously approved the payment of bills and gave approval for the financial report to be published in the newspaper.