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NM Parks Host Many Visitors This Summer

By Staff | Jul 9, 2014

New Martinsville Parks and Recreation Director Bev Gibb said at Monday night’s council meeting that the parks have many programs going on throughout the summer. “We’ve had thousands of visitors in our parks over the last few weeks,” she noted.

In particular, the new miniature golf course has been very popular. In fact, just Monday night, during the council meeting, the course hosted its 2,200th round of golf. The golfer of that round, Jacob Winland, was presented with a 20-round pass.

The revamped miniature golf course opened on May 31, so in only five weeks they have reached the 2,200 milestone. Therefore, it averaged 440 rounds per week.

Another popular program has been the free movies in Bruce Park. It has not only been popular with attendees, but also sponsors. “We’ve had people calling us wanting to sponsor them,” said Gibb of the somewhat unlikely development. Sponsorships range from $250-450.

She encouraged people to like their Facebook page, NM Parks. “It keeps you updated on what’s going on,” said Gibb.

In the department head meeting preceding the regular council meeting Gibb honored one of the parks employees, Kasey Hilpert, for her dedication. She was particularly observant and proactive in a recent situation at Lewis Wetzel Park.

“Thank you for being so observant,” said Gibb as she presented the certificate. “They (Hilpert and her family) are really a nice asset to our community.”

She further noted that the parks department has a lot of great employees.

Finally, she said a parks commission meeting is scheduled for July 10, 5 p.m. She had hoped to talk about Bruce Pool at that meeting, but she does not anticipate having some of the needed answers by that meeting.