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Students Witness Responders In Action

By Staff | May 28, 2014

Air Evac Lifeteam also gave its time to the worthy cause of warning HHS students about the dangers of drunk driving on prom night.

Hundred’s Volunteer Fire Department, Marion County Rescue Squad, Mannington Volunteer Fire Department, and Air Evac Lifeteam all joined forces on May 1 to hold a mock emergency situation in hopes of teaching high school students the dangers of unsafe driving.

Principal Daniel Gottron of HHS stated that he had actually been approached by HVFD Chief Bert Anderson concerning the idea. Anderson, who has 22 years of experience in emergency response, told students that “What happened today was mild . . . What could happen could be 1,000 times worse . . . Use common sense.”

JoAnna McBee of Marion County Rescue Squad narrated, to students, the “disaster” which pulled no punches. “I hope you did learn something,” she told students. “What was portrayed was fake, but it does happen.”

The main purpose of the drill was perhaps to urge students not to drink on prom night, which was held that weekend for HHS students.

However, emergency responders also warned students of the effects of drugs and driving, as well as distracted driving, especially using cell phones while driving.

The first responders pulled no punches with their mock drill.

“My grandson just started driving,” stated Hundred’s Police Chief Clay Lunceford. “I hope the kids learned something . . . They need an eye opener.”

HHS senior Tema Kerns stated she learned how dangerous drinking and driving is, and when she and her friends were asked if they would be drinking after prom, they gave a resounding “No.”

“If this (drill) saves one kid’s life, it’s been worth it,” Anderson stated.

Many first responders volunteered at the mock drill at Hundred High School to make the consequences of drunk or distracted driving real.

Air Evac Lifeteam, Marion County Rescue Squad, Manningtom VFD, as well as Hundred VFD all took part in the mock drill. (Photos by Lauren Matthews)

Volunteers gave their to warning students the dangers of irresponsible driving.