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Water Line Extension Planned

By Staff | May 14, 2014

An important meeting will be held May 15, 7 p.m., at Hundred High School’s commons to discuss extending water service to areas along Route 250 and Route 7. Affected areas are Rush Run, Cottontown, Burton, and Pogue Run.

Ricky Healy of Belomar Regional Council stated that the Thursday night meeting was organized by the project’s engineer so that the residents in the line extension area could come to the meeting and ask questions about the extension.

“It’s done to try to drum up the business so that the people in those areas can come in and get signed up for the waterline extension,” Healy noted. “The engineer is going to be there with maps of the project area, and I’ll be there to explain the funding.” Healy also noted that members of the Hundred/Littleton Public Service District will also be at the meeting.

“We would encourage anyone living in the areas of those extensions to come out and ask any questions they may have,” said Healy.

He noted that the residents affected by the extension will get “potable water from the Hundred/Littleton PSD.” This is thanks to a new Small Cities Block Grant that the county commission received this year. “It was a split funding grant,” Healy stated. “This past year they received $175,000 and that’s enough to do some of the early administration and basically all the engineering design work.” He added: “Once it’s ready to go out to bid, hopefully by fall, then we’ll receive the balance of the money, a $1.5 million grant.”