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Police Bust Two For Marijuana

By Staff | May 7, 2014

Samantha Rose Summers, 20, of 121 Central Street, New Martinsville, and Tyler Clark, 18, of 183 Central Street, New Martinsville, have both been charged with delivery of a controlled substance (marijuana) by the New Martinsville Police Department.

The magistrate report states that on Sunday evening Officer Michael Owens of the NMPD used a confidential informant to “set up a bust.” The confidential informant texted Summers and arranged to purchase five grams of marijuana. The CI then had Summers come to the ball fields on Hydro Drive to sell the marijuana.

The report further states that once Summers arrived at the ball field, New Martinsville Police Chief Tim Cecil watched as Summers pulled into the parking lot and Clark handed the marijuana out of the vehicle to the CI. The magistrate report specifies that Summers handed the marijuana to Clark, who handed it to the CI.

Summers and Clark have since been released on bond and will appear in magistrate court again on May 16, 11 a.m.