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Commission Says Fish Waiver Is Signed For Main St. Bridge

By Staff | Apr 30, 2014

Wetzel County Commissioner Donald Mason stated at the April 22 commission meeting that the fish spawning waiver had been signed for the New Martinsville Brooklyn-Main Street Bridge project.

“We were informed that the fish waiver has been signed, and it is set to go,” Mason noted. According to Commission Vice President Larry Lemon, two conditions left to affect this project are weather and water levels.

By contract, the bridge must be finished by Aug. 15.

In another matter, Melody Glasscock of the Child Advocacy Center requested that the commission act as a fiscal agent for the center. Commissioners had no issue with the request, but asked Glasscock to make sure paperwork is done in a prompt manner to ensure that the commission receives reimbursements. The commission pays the necessary salary, taking out all necessary deductions. They are then required to send in a copy of the check, the pay stub, as well as a report that would be required, and later be reimbursed.

In another matter, Commissioner Mason stated he had been told that New Martinsville’s American Legion’s Veterans’ Wall is expected to be dedicated on June 14, flag day.

The legion is also expected to send a request for the commission to supply funding for Mountaineer Boys State.

Also, Fred Wilcox was appointed to the position of being on the Ohio Valley Community Foundation’s advisory committee to review applications from entities in the Ohio Valley.

Wetzel County Commissioners passed a resolution on April 8, declaring April 2014 as National County Government Month. The resolution stated that “the nation’s 3,069 counties, serving more than 300 million Americans, provide essential services to create healthy, safe, vibrant, and economically resilient communities . . .” Furthermore, the resolution states that “through National Association of Counties President Linda Langston’s Resilient Counties initiative, NACo is encouraging counties to focus on how they prepare and respond to natural disasters and emergencies or any situation that the counties may face, such as economic recovery or public health and safety challenges . . .”

The resolution resolved that “I, Robert L. Gorby, president, do hereby proclaim April 2014 as National County Government Month and encourage all county officials, employees, schools, and residents to participate in county government celebration activities.”