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Hundred Seeks To Extend Patrol

By Staff | Feb 26, 2014

Keith Williams of Hundred City Council approached the Wetzel County Commission Tuesday morning regarding the council’s interest in extending their patrol limits to the outside of town.

Williams stated that Hundred has had quite a few wrecks located near the town’s Dollar General store. He stated that coming around a turn, toward the Dollar General, prior to town, vehicles do not slow down before reaching city limits. Williams stated that the proposed change would extend town limits on Route 250 North, Route 250 South, and Route 69.

However, the county commission stated they did not know if they had the authority to extend town limits and would have to speak with the county’s attorney, Timothy Haught. The commission also expressed concern as to whether annexing the highway would add homes and businesses to the municipality.

In another matter, Rick Healy appeared before Wetzel County Commission Tuesday regarding updates on various Public Service District projects.

Healy stated that a progress meeting was held regarding the PSD One water tank and water line project to service Eight Mile Ridge, among others. He said progress has been hampered severely in January and February because of inclement weather. Healy added that contractors worked only one day after the progress meeting in January. He also stated that the Department of Highways inspector has the right to keep contracts from working if he feels it is unsafe. “I think most weeks they just didn’t show up because of the weather,” Healy stated. “There wasn’t a lot of progress.”

However, Healy stated that the PSD One waterline project is 28 percent complete right now, whereas the tank project is 57 percent complete. Healy said tank construction is done until warmer weather, but hopefully the waterline crew was back on the job as of yesterday.

Commissioners approved of a drawdown of funds, including $3,320.26 from administration fees in December and January, engineering costs of $1,616.08 and $311.93 in permit fees.

Healy stated that in regards to the Hundred/Littleton waterline extension project, there is no environmental review needed because certain costs are exempt.

The commission also approved a contract between Belomar Regional Council and the Wetzel County Commission for the administration of the waterline project. Also, the commission approved a Memorandum of Understanding, an agreement between Wetzel County Commission and the Hundred/Littleton PSD.

In another matter, Weldon Williams approached the commission in regards to their possible support of Pine Grove’s park renovation project. Williams stated that the total would cost of the project is over $100,000 but is to be done in phases, according to age groups. Two thousand dollars has been raised for the project thanks to a spaghetti dinner. The Park Committee is also receiving a donation from an oil and gas company.

The commission is taking the request under consideration and will reach a decision when they work on their yearly budget.