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Overnight Drug Raids Net Three Arrests

By Staff | Feb 5, 2014

Pictured are some of the drugs taken off the street during the recent drug raids by the New Martinsville Police Department. (Photo provided by NMPD)

Three drug raids conducted across New Martinsville during the early morning hours of Jan. 31 resulted in the arrests of Mark Dolfi, 46; Greg Quinn, 46; and Tina Frye, 30.

The magistrate report on Dolfi, of 576 Urban Street, New Martinsville, explains that in the early morning hours of Jan. 31, Patrolman Michael Owens used a Confidential Informant (CI) to set up a control buy of four stamp bags of heroin. The report explains that the informant picked up Dolfi where the two went to AAA Trailer Park. Dolfi exited the vehicle and then returned. Once the vehicle passed Certified gas station, it was stopped by Owens as well as Sergeant Friend Estep. The two located four bags of heroin on the driver’s seat of the vehicle, as well as two stamp bags of heroin located inside the rolled part of Dolfi’s toboggan.

Dolfi remains held at Northern Regional Jail where bond is set at $30,000. He has been charged with delivery of heroin, which is punishable by one to 15 years in prison, a $25,000 fine, or both. He appeared via video before Magistrate Judith Goontz on Jan. 31.

Greg A. Quinn, of 354 Virginia Street, was charged with conspiracy to deliver heroin after a raid that took place Jan. 30.

The magistrate report reads that Patrolman Owens used a CI to arrange with Quinn to purchase 10 Percocets at 30 mg a piece. Once the CI met up with Quinn, both individuals were taken into custody. Officer Owens was advised that Quinn was obtaining money from the CI.

Mark Dolfi

Quinn also appeared via video before Magistrate Goontz. Bond was set at $30,000.

For this offense, Quinn could be sentenced to one to 15 years in prison, be fined $25,000, or both.

Tina Frye, of 1716 Elizabeth Street, Belpre, Ohio, was arrested and charged with delivery of a controlled substance.

In the early morning hours of Jan. 31, Patrolman Owens used a CI to purchase four morphine patches from Frye.

The CI went to AAA Trailer Park; once the CI met with Frye, NMPD Chief Tim Cecil and Sergeant Don Larsen arrested Frye, who had intended to “rip-off” the CI. Frye also had a stun gun she had planned on using on the CI, as she claimed the CI owed her $30.

Tina Frye

After the arrest, it was found that Frye had 21 individually wrapped baggies of leafy vegetation; two individual baggies of leafy green vegetation; eight pills that were marked “M365,” 31 pills marked “2089,” 30 pills marked “229/510,” one pill marked “M-15,” and a plastic baggy with 51 Xanax.

Frye also had $462 in cash and $19.99 in change.

Frye appeared before Magistrate Goontz on Jan. 31, where bond was set at $40,000. For delivery of a controlled substance, Frye could spend one to 15 years in the West Virginia Penitentiary, be fined $25,000, or both.

Police Chief Tim Cecil said, “It was just nice to know we were getting drugs off the street.”

He said the department has netted methamphetamines four times in the last three weeks.

Greg Quinn

The drug problem is ubiquitous. “It doesn’t discriminate the rich from the poor. It takes all,” said Cecil.