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Pine Grove Welcomes New Fire Chief Wilcox

By Staff | Jan 15, 2014

Pine Grove Volunteer Fire Department Chief Tim Wilcox

Pine Grove Council welcomed the Pine Grove Volunteer Fire Department’s new chief, Tim Wilcox, at their regular meeting Monday night.

They governing body was happy to welcome back a representative of the department to their meetings. Councilman Randy Street asked if he could get a copy of the group’s bylaws, which Wilcox said was possible.

Also, Councilwoman Bonnie Martin inquired about the town’s liability for fire department activities. Wilcox said the department is incorporated independently and has their own insurance coverage.

When asked if he had all of the necessary certifications, Wilcox responded in the affirmative. “I’ve been doing it (fire department volunteer work) for 39 years,” said Wilcox.

In other matters, the council unanimously passed the second reading of an ordinance that will abandon Bowman Street, an unused and unimproved thoroughfare.

They also approved the first reading of an ordinance to invoke eminent domain on property owned by Kevin Goff and Kenny Scyoc. It is needed for a right of way for a sewer line to connect the Dominion plant into the town’s sewer system.

Mayor Roy Justice said both property owners refused to sell their portions, so they are using eminent domain to move the project forward. Dominion is paying all of the costs-both for the legal and infrastructure work.

This line will just be for sanitary sewer; it will not carry any industrial waste from the plant. “This won’t bother your sewer one bit,” justice said to Martin when she asked how it would affect sewage customers in her area.

She further said Scyoc is concerned about how the work will affect his property and she wanted to be sure he was aware of the situation. “I’ve talked to him,” Justice assured her.

Street asked if professional engineers have looked at the project to be sure the town’s system is capable of handling the additional sewage. Justice said it had.

The eminent domain measure requires a second reading that will reportedly be held at a special council meeting that has yet to be scheduled.

Under water issues, Justice said the town has a major leak somewhere. “We’re pumping water everyday and everyday and we’re not gaining a bit,” said Justice, who said they don’t know where leaks exist, but believe some are on some customers’ sides of the meters.

“One place has known since last fall,” said Justice of a customer. “We’re losing a lot of water and they’re not making an effort to fix the leak.”

However, the customer is being charged for the excessive water usage and they are paying the bill, so council decided there was nothing that could be done by the utility in that situation.

Street reported that $412 was made from hard tack candy sales and given to the park for updates. Martin said she would like to see another fund raiser for the park. “Randy’s doing a heck of a job,” she said.

After some discussion, they agreed to approach local businesses to see if they would pay $100 to have a sign they provide to the park displayed on the ball field fence for the year. Anyone interested in doing this is encouraged to call the town hall at 304-889-3351.

Relatedly, council approved Dave Williams to build a new shelter at Earley Park. It is being paid for by a private donation.

Street said the Wetzel County Sheriff’s Department had approached him about possibly having people work out community service at the park. Council agreed to the plan.

Finally, council agreed to let Friends of Football use the Byrd Center for free during the week of July 4 for a fund raiser.