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Santa Will Make His Rounds

By Staff | Dec 4, 2013

Santa Claus will once again be getting some help from the New Martinsville Volunteer Fire Department in visiting children in New Martinsville, announced Fire Chief Larry Couch at Monday night’s council meeting.

The following is an informational guide for where Santa and his helpers will be visiting on specific nights. The schedule is not specific to times nor exact locations because of many, many variables. In the event Santa needs to help with an emergency, the back-up night will be Dec. 18.

Dec. 16, 69 p.m.:

Steelton: NM Towers / Villas, NM Plaza, AAA North & South, East Thistle Drive, East Benjamin Drive, Paducah Drive, Kevin Drive, Paddock Green Drive, Meadow Drive, Johnson Street, Crestview Terrace, Glenview Terrace, Fairview Drive, Orchard Drive, Ross Street, Northgate Drive, Oriole Drive, Wren Drive, Robin Drive, Cardinal Drive, Partridge Drive, Club Apts.

Downtown: Thomas Addition, Foundry East of Rt #2, Kappel Street, Pike Street, Vine Street, Pike Street, Carol Lane, Burlington, North Street East of Route #2, Beech Street, Pine Street, Virginia Street, Locust Street, Apple Street, Center Street, 4th Street, 5th Street, 6th Street, McEldowney Avenue East of Rt #2, Duerr Street East of Rt #2, Edgewood Terrace, Monroe Avenue East of Rt #2, long Street, Leap Street East of Rt #2, Witten Lane East of Rt #2, Clark Drive, Cherry Brooke Drive, Russell Avenue.

Dec. 17, 69 p.m.:

Steelton: Union Street, Steelton Street, Mary Street, Pleasants Lane, Mound Street, Park Avenue, James Street, Helen Street, Cindy Drive, Susan Street, West Benjamin Drive, West Thistle Drive, AAA West of Route #2, Nicholas Circle, Rosary Road, N. Bridge Street, Chapel View Apartments.

Downtown: South Bridge Street, Lang Drive, Riverside Drive, Radio Drive, Russell Avenue, Wetzel Street, 1st Street, 2nd Street, Leap Street West of Rt #2, Parkway Drive, Monroe Street West of Rt #2, Duerr Street & West Duerr Street, North Main Street, Monroe Avenue, Main Street, Maple Avenue, McEldowney Avenue West of Rt #2, Elm Street, Virginia Street West of Rt #2, Franklin Street, Clark Street, North Street, Jefferson Street, Washington Street, Cox Street, Ohio Street, River Lane.

In another matter, Building Inspector Joe Hanna discussed a dilapidated buildings webinar that he and Councilman Steve Pallisco “attended”. He said it is not offering financial assistance to the city, but services for free. They can help the city identify problems in your city and locate grant money.

“A lot of what they’re saying they help with, Joe’s already done,” said Pallisco.

“They want you to set up a community group that can target problem property areas,” said Hanna. It is a program that would need to be set up and continue. “It’s a good thing, but you have to get very enthused people involved,” said Hanna. The committee would need to meet two or three times per month.

Council said they would see if the Wetzel County Chamber of Commerce would want to get involved with the program.

“They even said the more you get involved, they better your chances at being selected,” said Hanna.

Also involving Hanna, City Judge Couch again brought up the subject of bonding he and Hanna so they could carry firearms. Couch said he didn’t believe anyone had done anything about the previous request.

Recorder Bonnie Shannon will look into the costs of bonding. That would be the primary cost of the measure as both officials said they would use their own firearms and the only other cost would be the ammunition for necessary qualifying with the city’s police officers.

“You shouldn’t have to be afraid to go to work,” said Councilwoman Kay Goddard.

Electric Department Chairman David White suggested that Hanna’s title should be changed to Code Compliance Officer. “He already can write citations,” said White.

Street Commissioner Gary Willey reported that his crew had been paving Foundry Street and had some blacktop leftover. So they used it to pave half of Anderson Lane. “It should help the dust problem,” said Willey. He further noted that a portion of Louise Lane was paved and paid for privately.

The paving, which must be done when asphalt is available, has delayed the usual leaf pickup in the town. The street crew is working their way south to complete the task. On Monday they picked up leaves in Northgate. As always, leaves should be left at the curb, but not in the street. They can also be bagged for pick up.

In another paving matter, Recorder Shannon mentioned that she is receiving many calls about the potholes in the Riverview Plaza, which contains Peebles. It is a private lot and not the city’s responsibility to maintain. “It is a private property and we cannot force people to make improvements,” agreed Pallisco.

However, Shannon has consistently called the plaza owner on this situation. She has been telling the owner that something needs to be done before there is an accident from people trying to avoid the holes.

Additionally, Couch said there are at least three fire hydrants on that property that do not work. Water Superintendent Pat Durant said the owner was sent letters notifying them of that fact, but they never responded.