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Neighborhood Watch Meets

By Staff | Nov 20, 2013

Pictured from left: Paden City Watch Secretary Bill Shepard, Investigator David Kelly, Tyler County Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee, Wetzel County Prosecuting Attorney Tim Haught, Officer Richard Barnette, Officer Tim Shreves, Police Chief Mike Kelly and Officer J.D. Kelly.

The Paden City neighborhood watch met on Nov. 14 at the Paden City High School Multi Purpose Room. The meeting was called to order and opened with a word of prayer. It was brought up that the group is in need of members and block captains as well as advisory board members. Anyone interested may call 304-771-9373.

Everyone was brought up to date on the activities of the Paden City Police Department by Chief Mike Kelley. He also introduced the newest police officers and they spoke about their experiences so far with the department. It was mentioned they have been quite busy and many times they need two officers on duty. Chief Kelley said they are still receiving a lot of complaints and they are looking into all of them. If anyone has anything they want to report, they can call the Paden City Police Department at the city building. You may also contact any watch member and they will fill out the complaint form.

Discussion was held concerning the need to help those who are in need because of their health problems, job losses, elderly, and many other reasons. That is the real reason for neighborhood watch, not just to watch for crime but to watch out for each other as well, in order to make a safe place for all to live.

A letter was read from Paden City High School Principal Jay Salva who was unable to attend. He said the kids at the school are in most cases very well behaved and the school has not really experienced any major problems. He also mentioned that the police department has a room set aside for them and he welcomes their presence in the school. He mentioned that he would like to see them more often. Chief Kelley said they try to come to the school as often as they can and they will continue to do that.

Mayor John Hopkins said the city now has five police officers and he feels they are doing a great job. He said when he came on as mayor, the police force was nearly depleted and he was asked to build it back up.

Prosecutors Luke Furbee and Tim Haught of Tyler and Wetzel counties, respectively, spoke about their concerns with crime in the counties and gave brief talks about the difficulties they encounter in getting convictions. They also spoke about drug activity and how it continually is changing, making it harder to track and catch those involved.

Plans are being made to reach out to the surrounding communities and outlying areas, as a way to expand the crime watch. If anyone in the other areas are interested or have any concerns, they may call the above number.

The watch group will be meeting every three months for community meetings and the advisory board will meet every month. The board would like to thank everyone who was in attendance and also the school for the use of the facilities. They also thanked the prosecutors, Mayor Hopkins, and the Paden City Police Department.

The next scheduled community meeting will be Feb. 16 at 7 p.m.