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Local Officers Attend Active Shooter Training

By Staff | Nov 20, 2013

Chief Deputy Mike Koontz of the Wetzel County Sheriff’s Department reported that the entire department, including Chief Clay Lunceford from Hundred’s Police Department, participated in an active shooter training on Saturday.

“Some of us have never had that training,” Koontz stated. “So we hired an instructor to come and train us.” Koontz said the instructor came from Tactical Operations Consulting from Virginia.

Koontz stated the class lasted eight hours; half of the day included classroom training, whereas the other half was actual “hands-on scenario-based training.”

Saturday’s eight-hour course will also count toward each officer’s continuing education. They are required to have 16 hours per year.

“It was a good class,” he added. “Everyone seemed to find it to be beneficial, and the board of education was gracious enough to let us use Magnolia High School as a training facility.”

Chief Deputy Koontz stated that the class could pertain to other aspects of law enforcement, such as courthouse security, building searches, or a violent situation.

Furthermore, Koontz said it was imperative to have every deputy trained in this field. “If, God forbid, something like this should happen, there might not be time to assemble a team. Now we are all trained.”