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Hundred Seeks Resident To Fill Council Seat

By Staff | Oct 30, 2013

Hundred is still seeking a resident to fill a seat on council.

The town has advertised the position but no one has expressed interest. Councilman Keith Williams made a motion at the Oct. 21 council meeting that the town advertise it again in the Wetzel Chronicle, in hopes someone will be willing to step up and serve the town in that capacity. The motion was carried unanimously.

The city also has a position available for a part-time maintenance person, after the resignation of Dan Tedrow. They agreed to advertise to fill that job.

Terrell Greathouse reported that a pump on the garbage truck’s hydraulics has been replaced at a cost of $743.80. He said the packer is working well now.

Greathouse and Mayor Charles Sine will be attending municipal judge training on Nov. 8 in Charleston. Consequently, the city will change its regular garbage pick up to Thursday, Nov. 7.

Police Chief Clay Lunceford reported that he took the city’s cruiser to Miller Communications to have them check on the emergency lights and siren that recently stopped working. He said they tightened some connections and it is now working. However, if it goes out again, it should probably go back to Ford since it was their product and installation. He will check the city’s warranty to see what is covered at this point, since they have had it a little over a year.

Council discussed the possibility of amending the dog leash ordinance to include a barking dog nuisance. There have been several calls, although apparently from one residence, about some barking dogs in the town. Williams said he believes there is a section in the current code under nuisances that would take care of the issue.

It was found to read, “No animal should be kept so as to become a nuisance by noise, odor, contagious disease, or other reason.”

If council does decide to pass an ordinance, it requires two readings.