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WCASS Prepares For Auction

By Staff | Oct 23, 2013

The Wetzel County Animal Shelter is in need of donations so they can continue helping their residents, such as this one photographed here. (Photo by Lauren Matthews)

Rosy Cozart and Pam Ferrell of the Wetzel County Animal Shelter updated county commissioners Tuesday morning on recent happenings at the shelter.

Upon looking at recent shelter receipts, the commissioners noted an increase in the shelter’s Wal-Mart bill. Cozart explained that the shelter had not been receiving many dog food donations and they also are not receiving damaged items from stores as they previously have. Damaged items can consist of items such as ripped bags of dog food or kitty litter that stores normally do not put back on the shelves for sale.

Cozart further explained to the commission that the shelter also had to purchase both a new microwave and a new phone in the past month because both items in the shelter had broken.

Furthermore, an increase in cats has meant an increase in cat litter purchased. The shelter also purchases a large amount of bleach and detergent for cleaning.

In another shelter-related matter, Cozart and Ferrell are seeking wireless internet service. Having wireless service will allow them to respond to applications for animals in a more timely manner, as well as check out the shelter’s security system online. The commissioners will research further to see if the shelter can receive the service at a discounted rate.

Cozart said the shelter would like to upgrade to an indoor shelter in the future. The matter seems to be on hold for the moment while the shelter acquires someone to draw up plans, hopefully at a discounted rate.

Cozart informed the commissioners that preparations are being made for the yearly auction benefit for the shelter. She stated the annual event will be held Nov. 30 at the Mollohan Center. Beginning at 4:30 p.m., there will be a dinner, which will include tomato basil bisque, cheesy broccoli, and creamy potato soups. There will also be breads and desserts, along with salads and drinks. The auction, hosted by Cozart Auctions, will begin at 5:30 p.m. Cozart said the shelter is seeking donations of both new and unused items for the auction.

The following monthly report was also submitted to the commission: dogs euthanized, none; cats euthanized, none; dogs adopted, one; cats adopted, five; dogs to rescue, 20; cats to rescue, seven; dogs returned to owner, four; cats returned to owner, none; dogs taken in, 26; cats taken in, 14; dogs in approval/foster, four; and cats in approval/foster, four. Present quarantines and impounds for both dogs and cats are currently zero.

In another matter, Sue Miller of the county clerk’s office appeared before the commission in regards to a request by the Service Employees of International Union. The SEIU hopes to hold their monthly meetings at the county’s War Memorial building. The SEIU will be required to pay $15 a meeting.