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PSD Water Project Is Making Progress

By Staff | Oct 23, 2013

This staging area for the Public Service District One water extension project has been set up in Reader. (Photo by Amy Witschey)

Tuesday morning Rick Healy of Belomar Regional Council updated the Wetzel County Commission on the county’s Public Service District One project and also presented a drawdown for signing.

Healy stated that two contracts exist for the project. One is for the waterline extension work. This contract was awarded to Dan’s Marine Service. The second contract was for a new tank. This contract was awarded to Welding Incorporated. Healy stated both contractors have been on the site.

He added, “Dan’s Marine has a yard set up with a trailer and has had a substantial amount of pipe delivered.” Healy said that next Monday Dan’s Marine Service would have their full staff of workers on the ground and would “start turning some dirt and laying some pipe . . . That’s a good sign.”

“Keith (Nelsen) said there’s a high level of excitement out there . . . (Residents) have been wanting this water, and they have seen the trucks and pipe . . . They want to see the pipe going in the ground.”

Healy said the tank would be constructed by the end of 2013, but the painting of the structure would not be done until spring.

He also said that there are three different funding sources for the project: the Small Cities Block Grant, which is funding $ 1.5 million for the project; a Rural Development grant which is providing some funds, along with a Infrastructure Job Development Council loan. Healy said the Small Cities Block Grant would be paying for administrative and legal fees related to the project; engineering work would be funded by the IJDC loan, and the Rural Development grant would provide the necessary funds for construction. Healy stated when these grant funds were used up, “we will shift back to the Small Cities Block Grant.”

Tuesday’s draw-down consisted of administrative costs of $9,963.96, legal costs of $1,486.25, and construction costs of $15,211.49.