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PC?Addresses Streets

By Staff | Sep 18, 2013

At a special council meeting held Sept. 9 at 5:30 p.m., Paden City Council accepted the lowest bid of $38,550 from Brown’s Excavating, Inc. for street repairs to Seventh Avenue.

The need for these repairs came about because of street damage caused by heavy rains in July.

Prior to accepting the bid, Mayor John Hopkins asked for and a resolution stating the situation on Seventh Avenue was an emergency. Council voted in favor of that resolution.

Also at the meeting, Councilman Dan Probst and Chief of Police Mike Kelly addressed the hiring of Richard Barnette as a police officer. Chief Kelly explained Barnette’s background in law enforcement, including his work in corrections for the last 10 years. Feeling that he would make an excellent addition to the police force, they further explained that Barnette is mature, trained, and experienced. The council unanimously approved the hiring.

Mary Ellen Lewis was in attendance to address water issues she has been having. She said the city broke her water line, causing her to lose water pressure, and they will not repair it.

Mayor Hopkins informed Lewis that the city crew had been there on the previous Friday and repaired the line, although it was on her side of the water stop. When Lewis insisted that the break was on the city’s side of the stop, Mayor Hopkins said that resolution of the issue would require a survey in order to determine where the property line lies. After she stated she had the property surveyed when she purchased it and could produce the survey, he asked her to do so.

Mayor Hopkins also told Lewis that they had been contacted by the Public Service Commission (PSC) earlier in the day, and Lewis confirmed that she had called them. She revealed that she received a 24 hour notice on her door that afternoon and stated she had not paid her water bill since July because she had not had water since March.