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NMPD Officers Honored At Council Meeting

By Staff | Sep 11, 2013

NMPD?Captain Steve Kastigar, left, receives his bars from Police Chief Tim Cecil.

New Martinsville City Council honored two of the city’s policemen at Monday’s council meeting.

Steve Kastigar was formally promoted to captain and Don Larsen to sergeant. They promotions were passed during a special meeting last month and became effective Sept. 1. However, the men received their appropriate uniform bars during the meeting.

Additionally, Larsen received commendations from the West Virginia Legislature for being a dedicated public servant. Earl Smith, who co-founded Operation Thank You For Your Service with Larsen, read a commendation from the Senate for Sen. Larry Edgell (D-Wetzel) who was unable to attend the meeting. Also, Del. Dave Pethtel (D-Wetzel) read from a certificate from the House of Delegates.

Both citations noted how Larsen has “been an integral part of making New Martinsville a safe community.” They noted how he saved a doctor from a smoke-filled house in 1997 and rescued three adults from a home filled with carbon monoxide in 2008.

Larsen is a 30-year veteran with NMPD. He has taught the anti-drug DARE program and bicycle safety to the youth of the community. In short, he has shown “unwavering dedication and commitment to serving the people of New Martinsville.”

Del Dave Pethtel (D-Wetzel) reads a special commendation for NMPD?Sergeant Don Larsen, center. At right is Police Chief Tim Cecil.

“He is a true West Virginia hero,” said Pethtel.

Larsen received a standing ovation, but declined to give a speech. Instead he offered a simple “thank you.”

On a more somber note, the meeting began with a moment of silence for Keith Gray and Dusty Wade. Gray worked for the city nearly 30 years and passed away on Aug. 22. Wade was the son of a city employee, Richard “Scooter” Wade. He died Sept. 1.