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Fairground Gets New Barns

By Staff | Aug 7, 2013
Pictured are Commission President Don Mason, Town and Country Days Treasurer Bob Miller, Commission Vice-President Bob Gorby, and Commissioner Larry Lemon standing in front of the fair’s new barn, which will be used for horses.
Pictured are Commission Vice-President Bob Gorby, Town and Country Days Treasurer Bob Miller, Arts and Crafts Chairperson Carolyn Long, Commission President Don Mason, and Commissioner Larry Lemon.

Fair-goers will notice two new barns this year at Town and Country Days. Wetzel County Commissioners Don Mason, Bob Gorby, and Larry Lemon were on hand for a photo with Town and Country Days Treasurer Bob Miller for a photo July 31 in front of the two new eye-catching buildings. Miller stated that the cost of the barn and the building both totaled $150,000. Jim Klug Excavating is responsible for building the two new buildings, one of which is a new arts and crafts building located closer to all the Town and Country Days hustle and bustle.

The other new barn will be used for the fair’s equine visitors.