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Mensores Will Celebrate 75th Anniversary

By Staff | Jul 31, 2013

Members of the J.C. Mensore Distributor, Inc. family are pictured. Front row from left: Perry Raper, Joe Fluharty, Amy Sulsberger, Donna Ice, Lee Martin, Tulane Mensore, John Mensore, Irv Condon, J.D. Mensore. Second row: Jessie Williamson, Corey Hartline, Randy Davisson, Mike Campbell, Zack Novel, Kelly Nelson, Mitch Collins, Irv Condon, John C. Mensore, Olivia Mensore, Katrina McElaney, Sam Mensore. (Photo by Chuck Clegg)

J.C. Mensore Distributor, Inc., will celebrate its 75th anniversary with a public reception Saturday.

From 12:30-4:30 p.m. there will be refreshments and entertainment at the business located at 134 North Bridge Street in New Martinsville. Remarks will be given at 1 p.m.

In 1938, J.C. Mensore began two projects to which he devoted his life: building his business, J.C. Mensore Distributor, and rearing his son, John J. Mensore, who was born Aug. 4, 1938. His daughter, Esta Marie, was born Sept. 12, 1944. Seventy-five years later, both John J. Mensore and J.C. Mensore Distributor are going strong in the beer business, which is still located in New Martinsville.

J.C. Mensore started his business with high hopes and $600 borrowed for the purchase of a truck. Soon he was delivering beer, his primary product, to a West Virginia service area he would manage the rest of his life and continues under Mensore management today.

John J. Mensore worked in the family business almost as long as he can remember. He started helping at age six, sweeping floors and observing the operation of the company.

After J.C. Mensore passed away, John J. and his mother, Katherine, decided to keep the distributorship operating and began managing it in 1965. From 1969, the year that Mensore Distributor was incorporated, until 1989 when Katherine retired, Katherine served as president, John J. as vice-president, and John J.’s wife, Tulane, as secretary/treasurer. The business is now currently under the leadership of John J. as president, his son John C. Mensore II as vice-president, and Tulane continues as secretary/treasurer.

When J.C. Mensore Distributor, Inc., moved into its new warehouse in 1978, they became the first beer wholesaler facility in West Virginia to have a temperature-controlled warehouse. They company earned the “SPICED” designation. The word stands for an important feature for modern beer storage facilities. Briefly, these features are:

S – Size, or roomy enough for current needs and future growth without cramping

P – Partition, or a wall to separate the storage area from other sections of the warehouse, important for maintaining proper temperature

I – Insulation, or insuring economical heating and cooling

C – Controlled temperature, or the existence of automatic controls for maintaining optimal beer storage temperatures

E – Electric forklifts, or facilitating handling in enclosed area without harmful fumes produced by gasoline-powered equipment

D – Doors, or beer storage areas should not have exterior doors, which make proper temperature control more difficult due to air leaks.

It is the intention of John J. Mensore to continue to operate J.C. Mensore Distributor, Inc. in a professional, forward-looking manner and pass this family owned and operated business on to his son, John C. Mensore II, and then hopefully on to John C.’s heirs.