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Sine Retains Mayor’s Seat

By Staff | Jul 24, 2013

Charles A. Sine will return to his post as mayor of Hundred on Aug. 1 as he won the run-off election held Tuesday.

He garnered 53 votes while challenger and former councilman Charles Himelrick received 32 votes.

The run-off election was necessary as the two men tied with 36 votes each in the June 11 municipal election.

Per the town’s charter rules, “When two or more persons shall receive an equal number of votes for councilperson or other town officer, such tie shall be decided by a runoff election, held between the persons receiving such equal number of votes.”

The next order of business will be for council to appoint a fifth member of council. Only four people ran for the five seats in the municipal election. The governing body wanted to settle the mayoral race before appointing someone to the remaining seat. The four council members are Johanna Lemasters, Brian Bartlett, Donna Himelrick, and Keith Williams.