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Commission Sells Excess Vehicles

By Staff | Jul 10, 2013

Three sealed bids for unused Wetzel County Sheriff’s Department vehicles were opened Tuesday morning at Wetzel County Commission. The vehicles were numbered, and advertised, as follows: One, 2000 Ford Crown Victoria (runs and drives); Two, 1991 Chevy Astro Van; Three, 1998 Jeep Cherokee; Four, 2002 Ford Crown Victoria ; Five, 1998 Chevy S-10 Blazer; Six, 1998 Ford Crown Victoria; Seven, 1993 Mercury Topaz; Eight, 1993 Honda Civic; Nine, 1973 Ford F-500. A minimum bid of $2,000 was required for vehicle 9, the 1973 Ford F-500. No bids were offered on this vehicle.

A total bid of $1,001 for all other vehicles was placed by Mike Eddy.

Ralph Peterson of Sardis submitted a bid of $250 for vehicle number one, the 2000 Ford Crown Victoria. He bid $200 each for vehicles two through eight.

James Helms offered $486 for the vehicle number one, the 2000 Crown Victoria, and $236 for the vehicle four, the 2002 Crown Victoria.

Vehicles one and four were sold to Helms, whereas vehicles two, three, five, six, seven, and eight, were sold to Peterson.

In another matter, Melody Glasscock, coordinator for the Wetzel/Tyler Child Advocacy Center appeared before the commission regarding contract and grant updates. At this time it was confirmed that the center’s now-former director, Shawna Griffin, had resigned and the center appears to have gone through several changes in membership and management.

Previously, in April, Glasscock had requested that the commission be the center’s fiscal agent for a reimbursable grant that comes through the Department of Justice and Community Services. Glasscock had explained at that time that although the Tyler County Commission had always been the center’s fiscal agent, the center had applied for national accreditation through the National Children’s Alliance. “Even though we serve two counties, we can only have one county accredited,” she explained. “The center is being used more by Wetzel County. Our medical component is in Wetzel County. It’s makes sense to accredit Wetzel County . . . Our office is in Paden City, in Wetzel County.”

One issue that concerned the commission at the time was the issue of reimbursement. The commission would have to pay the then-director, Shawna Griffin, her salary, taking out all necessary deductions. They would then be required to send in a copy of the check, the pay stub, as well as a report that would be required by Griffin. “In other words, we would be at your mercy,” Mason had noted at the time. Mason had added at the time that although the organization supports a good cause, the commission was wary to enter into such agreements because organizations in the past had not lived up to their end of the bargain by supplying reports.

Tuesday it appeared as if the commission might have even more reasons to be wary.

“We are slowly rebuilding,” Glasscock said, of apparent issues the center has gone through. “We have three new board members and a new treasurer.” Glasscock stated that Judy Vetter, a local minister was on the board as vice-president as well as Bill Fox, Paden City’s former mayor. Fox is the president of the board. Mary Ash is serving as treasurer and Judy Yeager is the board’s secretary. Glasscock said this board meets once a month. “We have a good amount of officers and really want to work at it.”

The commission agreed to enter into a contract with the organization, but not without warning: “I want to make a suggestion,” Commissioner Larry Lemon noted. “If you could let us know by writing a letter or memo of any major changes in personnel . . .We didn’t know of any changes.”

Glasscock agreed to this, but added: “I talked to Mr. Gorby at a restaurant one evening and just kind of gave him a quick update some evening. He said he’d share the information.”

“It’s important to keep the lines of communication open with bookkeeping,” Commission President Mason noted, as to another piece of advice.

Glasscock agreed, stating, “I’ve improved that situation leaps and bounds.”