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BK Damaged By Truck

By Staff | Jun 19, 2013

An unattended vehicle ran into the children's play area at New Martinsville's Burger King on Thursday. One person was taken to the hospital as a result. (Photo by Bruce Crawford)

James Haught of Wheeling was cited for unattended motor vehicle June 13 after his vehicle went into gear and rolled into the New Martinsville Burger King’s play area.

Haught had left his vehicle to go into the restaurant; a woman and her three-year-old child were left in the vehicle. According to New Martinsville Police Department Sergeant Steve Kastigar, the three-year-old kicked the vehicle out of gear; the mother tried to reach over to stop the vehicle but was unable to do so in time. One adult was taken to the Wetzel County Hospital and three customers were knocked out of their seats.

As for the building, bricks were pushed in and plywood was used to patch the building temporarily.