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Hundred Mayor’s Race Ends In A Tie

By Staff | Jun 12, 2013

The race for mayor in the town of Hundred resulted in a tie late Tuesday evening between incumbent Mayor Charles A. Sine and current councilman Charles Himelrick. Each man received 36 votes.

Per the town’s charter rules, “When two or more persons shall receive an equal number of votes for councilperson or other town officer, such tie shall be decided by a runoff election, held between the persons receiving such equal number of votes.”

In other town election matters, current Recorder Sherry Hayes received a total of 61 votes. Hayes ran unopposed for her office.

Five open council seats were available. The results for this race were as follows: Johanna Lemasters, 57; Brian Bartlett, 59; Donna Himelrick, 53; and write-in Keith Williams, 21. All four are incumbents, with Williams currently serving on council after he was appointed to fill a vacant seat.

As for Pine Grove’s election race, Roy Justice surpassed John Hurst with 77 votes in the race for mayor. John Hurst, a write-in candidate, received a total of 39 votes. Justice is currently serving as mayor, appointed by council.

Incumbent Recorder Kimberly J. Bates received a total of 92 votes, while Sandy Hurst, a write-in, received one vote.

The following includes the results for the race for five council seats: Brian Price, 90; David Williams, 77; Randy Street, 74; Eva A. Adams, 66; Bonnie Martin (write-in), 56. David Heater, also a write-in, received 21 votes, while John Hurst, Kristi Earley, and John Shatney, each received one write-in vote.