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Blue Eagles Rising To The WESTEST Challenge

By Staff | May 15, 2013

Pictured are Superintendent Diane Watt, Executive Secretary for the Superintendent Jo Beth Simmons, and Principal Kathi Schmalz, along with Magnolia teachers and students, at Friday’s rally.

If Magnolia High School students were not pumped up for this week’s WESTEST prior to last week, Principal Kathi Schmalz made sure by the end of day on May 10, that students were ready for the challenge.

Every student, staff, and faculty member wore a white T-shirt, emblazoned with the words “I Believe” in blue and gold to Friday’s WESTEST rally. There, students were challenged, enlightened, and entertained by a variety of interesting acts, including the playing/stacking of red Solo cups by their fellow students; the listing of the “Top Ten Reasons to Take the WESTEST,” and a flash mob, which included dancing by Principal Kathi Schmalz and Assistant Principal Robb Bauer.

Noteworthy was a challenge that was levied at the event. Paden City High School Principal Jay Salva was on hand at the rally to boast of Paden City High School leading the county in WESTEST scores for the past several years.

Principal Schmalz challenged Salva to remain at the top for another year.

If Salva fails to surpass MHS in scores, he will shave his facial hair, wear Blue Eagle attire, and meet students at the doors of Magnolia, singing the Blue Eagle fight song.

Pictured are PCHS Principal Jay Salva and MHS Principal Kathi Schmalz seriously confirming the WESTEST challenge with a handshake.

If PCHS achieves higher scores than Magnolia, Principal Kathi Schmalz and Robb Bauer will both be donning PCHS attire. Bauer will shave his head and facial hair and Schmalz will dye her hair blonde.

The event was not only full of laughter and light-heartedness though. A moving slideshow video, set to background music of “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly showed several moments of triumph and achievement for Magnolia this past year-triumph in athletics and other extracurricular activities.

“One thing about students of Magnolia is we never give up, never give up on anything. People across the whole state know who we are. We leave behind something great,” Principal Schmalz noted. “Thank you for preparing for the test that tells everyone that Magnolia learns,” she added.

Wetzel County Superintendent Diane Watt, along with Executive Secretary for the Superintendent Jo Beth Simmons, were both also present at the rally, both wearing “I Believe” T-shirts. “I think it is wonderful that the school is coming together,” Watt noted.