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Vehicle Issues Make Drivers Ed Difficult

By Staff | Apr 17, 2013

Concerned parent Steve Stevens approached the Wetzel County Board of Education at the April 15 meeting regarding Driver’s Education at Hundred High School.

Stevens explained that students are required to have six hours to receive certification in the course. Five students are in his daughter’s class, with each student currently having logged one hour of driving time. Stevens explained that with a 48-minute class period, this gives the opportunity for three drivers to drive 15 minutes during a class period. Stevens stated that the vehicle used in the class was taken away in March for repairs though, and his concern is that the students will not be able to get in all necessary driving hours.

Superintendent Diane Watt stated that she had spoken to Principal Jessica Stine at HHS and Stine stated that the necessary book-work was being completed during this time that the students were without the car and she was confident they would get their driving time in.

Director of Ancillary Services Brian Jones added that he and Treasurer Jeff Lancaster had picked up the car and taken it to a local dealer for repairs. Besides the original problems the car had, they had found out the car needed a gas tank replaced as well. Jones stated he had been unsuccessful in finding a car in the meantime. Jones did state that the board was hoping to purchase two driver education cars in the future.

Watt explained she would talk to Principal Stine again and would call Stevens herself to address his concerns.

In another matter, Wyatt Graham approached the board concerning two evaluations he believed he was given by mistake. The board met in an executive session concerning this matter.

The board also discussed who, from the board, would be attending graduation services in the county. All board members, as of right now, will be attending commencement classes for all schools. It was determined that Board member Bill Aberegg would accept the class at Magnolia High School at their graduation on May 23, 8 p.m. Board member Carolyn Gatian volunteered to accept the class at Paden City High School May 25, 11 a.m. Board member Linda Kirk will receive Valley High School May 24, 7 p.m., and Board Vice President Bob Patterson will receive Hundred High School May 25, 1 p.m.

In another matter, Lancaster stated the Audit Report for the fiscal year ending June 30 had been received and there were “no findings in Wetzel County Schools.” Lancaster stated that he was pleased to work in such a county. The audit report was accepted by the board, as was the treasurer’s report.

Superintendent Watt stated that back in March a fire marshall attending a Paden City basketball game noticed a discrepancy pertaining to an exit. The game at the time was suspended.

Since then, Watt stated that a report had been sent to the state fire marshall and information had been given to all principals pertaining to keeping exits clear. Watt said there had been no more issues.

Board member Gatian inquired about the current MHS track resurfacing situation. Jones explained that asphalt and rock need to be removed from the current track and paving will begin as soon as weather permits.

Gatian explained that it would be nice if the new track could’ve been eight lanes, as West Virginia Secondary Schools Athletic Commission now requires eight lanes for a regional track meet. Gatian said the closest eight-lane track is at Wheeling Park High School, but they refuse to host regional track meets. Consequently regionals will be held in Lewis County (Buckhannon). Gatian said that although it would be nice to have Magnolia’s track be eight lanes, and thus offer the track for a regional track meet, she realized it was not feasible.