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Pro-Gun Rally Lined Highway

By Staff | Apr 10, 2013

Approximately 80 people lined state Route 2 in New Martinsville Saturday for a pro-gun rally sponsored by the West Virginia Citizens Defense League. Attendees were from across the state. (Photo by Amy Witschey)

The West Virginia Citizens Defense League staged a protest Saturday at the intersection of state Route 2 and 7 in New Martinsville. WVCDL President Keith Morgan said the impetus behind the two-hour roadside stand was House Bill 2760 that he blames Senator Jeff Kessler, president of the West Virginia Senate, for killing.

“Kessler is holding up the best piece of gun legislation this state has had in 30 years,” said Morgan, who said New Martinsville was chosen as the site for the rally as it is in the middle of Kessler’s Second Senatorial District.

“We’re going to educate the people of District 2 that Kessler stands against their right to bear arms and we’re willing to spend the next three years doing it,” said Morgan. He said that campaign would include meetings, rallies, social media, and informational fliers.

According to the WVCDL, House Bill 2760, “The purpose of this bill is to create a uniform regulation of firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories throughout West Virginia solely determined by the Legislature. It states legislative intent; provides definitions; general rules relating to the regulation of firearms, ammunition and firearm accessories; provides remedies for unlawful regulation; and provides for exceptions. The bill removes references to regulation of firearms by counties and municipalities. And, the bill provides applicability, grandfathering clause and effective date of the new article.”