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NM Tables B&O Hike, Will Revisit Tuesday

By Staff | Apr 10, 2013

At the regular New Martinsville City Council meeting on April 1, council decided to table a scheduled vote for raising the city’s business and occupation tax.

They will hold a special meeting April 16, 5 p.m., that includes the B&O tax increase on the three-item agenda. The other two items are the laying of the levy and an update on a possible hotel development.

Mayor Keith Nelsen suggested the delay because the full council wasn’t present. Councilmen Steve Pallisco and Chris Bachman were unable to attend.

“I feel everyone should be here to make that decision, not just four of the six,” said Nelsen.

The proposed increase is 25 percent. This is five percent more than what was discussed at a finance committee meeting in February but considerably lower than the 250 percent increase passed and then rescinded last year.

“My opinion is, ‘What’s another couple weeks?'” said Councilwoman Kay Goddard, chairperson of the finance committee.

“I just hate for it to go on and on,” said Councilwoman Holly Grandstaff who was the sole person to vote against tabling the matter.