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Commission Agrees To Be Fiscal Agent

By Staff | Apr 10, 2013

At their Tuesday morning weekly meeting, the Wetzel County Commission decided to act as a fiscal agent for Wetzel and Tyler counties’ Child Advocacy Center. This was a follow-up meeting from last week’s meeting when Melody Glasscock of the center made the request.

At the April 2 meeting, Glasscock explained that previously the center has had Tyler County Commission be their fiscal agent, but recently, they applied for national accreditation through the National Children’s Alliance. “Even though we serve two counties, we can only have one county accredited,” she explained. “The center is being used more by Wetzel County. Our medical component is in Wetzel County. It makes sense to accredit Wetzel County . . . Our office is in Paden City, in Wetzel County.”

Glasscock had noted that if the center is accredited, they would receive about $100,000 in grant funds next year and will not have to raise as much on their own. Right now, the center has to find about $40,443 in matching funds.

One issue that had concerned the commission was the issue of reimbursement. At last week’s meeting, the commission was told that they would have to pay the necessary salary, taking out all necessary deductions. They would then be required to send in a copy of the check, the pay stub, as well as a report that would be required, and later be reimbursed.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, the commission approved the purchase of a trailer from Tractor Supply that would be capable of hauling the Wetzel County Sheriff’s Department’s two four-wheelers. The cost of the trailer is approximately $1,400.