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PC Mayor Asks City To Limit Spending

By Staff | Apr 3, 2013

At the April 1 Paden City Council meeting, Mayor John Hopkins suggested spending frugally in preparation of the upcoming budget.

“I don’t want to exactly say a freeze on spending,” said Mayor Hopkins. “We’ve got a new budget coming up the first of July and we won’t know where we’re at until then, so we’re going to have to watch it and take appropriate action.”

The Development Authority will supply its financial statements, quarterly reports, and audits as required by an ordinance. The council also took action to approve an in-house budget for the water department in order to keep track of spending.

Regarding the water department, they discussed purchasing new radios for telemetry on treatment plant storage tanks. Mayor Hopkins said that he will request a Community Participation Grant of $10,000 from Senator Larry Edgell to defray Miller Communication’s $6,882 quote for the radios, which can also be used in the police department.

The approval of a water line replacement between Monroe Street and Jackson Street for the cost of $2,542 should open the alleyway, which has gone unused due to the shallow water line.

The council set Thursday, April 4, as the date for an emergency meeting to prioritize streets for the upcoming paving.

Under police department news, the council approved the hiring of Sergeant Bryan Owens and the purchasing of a new Kevlar vest for him using forfeiture money if they cannot find one elsewhere. The vote to amend the residency requirement for Chief of Police Mike Kelly will be held at the June 6 elections, which also opens voting for the recorder position and council positions for each of the three wards. The approved ballot commissioners for the elections are Kim Frum and Missy Thorn.

In budget revisions, a request will be sent to the State Auditor’s Office to move $3,025 from contingencies, $2,500 of which will go to the police department while the rest will go to the recorder’s office. The moved funds are meant to pay for police uniforms and other office supplies.

The council approved an in-house budget revision to move $2,500 from Street Supplies to Street Utilities to cover the continued cost of running streetlights.

Under park and pool, the council approved a resolution in the amount of $7,500 for a federally required handicap chair lift for the pool. That cost will also pay for a storage building for the lift and other items.

The campgrounds were reported to be full. The council thanked Fred Thomas for tending to the campground and restrooms during the winter season while the usual caretakers were away.

“Fred helped us out a lot this winter, and we appreciate it,” said Councilman Dan Probst.

Councilman Tom Trader informed the council of a $250 check he received as a donation from Stone Energy for upgrades and maintenance to Paden City Park. He read a segment of the letter aloud and said that he sent Stone Energy a letter and card of thanks.