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Duo Pleads Guilty

By Staff | Apr 3, 2013

Sarah Irene Watson, 21, of P.O. Box 125, Littleton, and Tiffany Mae Garrison, 22, of P.O. Box 321, Littleton, each pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of battery March 21 in Wetzel County Circuit, under the Honorable David W. Hummel.

For these offenses, each defendant was sentenced to a six-month sentence for each count of battery. These two, six-month sentences were set to run consecutively in the Northern Regional Jail, for a total of one year for each defendant. However, the execution of these sentences were suspended, and Watson and Garrison are each to serve one year of probation under the direction of Probation Officer John D. Lantz.

Watson was handed two indictments by the January 2013 grand jury, which charges her with a total of two felony counts of nighttime burglary and one misdemeanor battery.

Garrison received a four-count indictment from the January 2013 grand jury charging her with two sets of felony nighttime burglary and misdemeanor battery.