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County Allocates Funds For Extra Road Patrol

By Staff | Mar 27, 2013

Ten thousand dollars has been given to the Wetzel County Sheriff’s Department to address concerns of heavy truck traffic in the Route 20, Route 7, Jacksonburg, and North Fork areas.

Commissioner Larry Lemon made the motion to the commission Tuesday morning. “In light of increasing concerns, especially by residents in the North Fork area of the county, as well as Jacksonburg, Route 20, and Route 7, I would like to make a motion that the county commission add $10,000 to the sheriff’s department to address concerns of heavy truck traffic in those areas,” he stated.

Commission Gorby seconded the motion, with Commission President Don Mason stating he applauds Lemon’s motion. It was decided that $10,000 would be added to the sheriff department’s overtime line item to “alleviate traffic violations by large truck traffic.”

“If it takes more than that, we’ll do it,” Mason noted, prior to stating that Wetzel County Sheriff John Brookover had told him that as soon as the money is in the budget, he would act n the additional patrols.

It was also mentioned in the meeting that Michael Neff, a former Paden City Police Department Officer, was hired as a new deputy.

In other matters before the commission, Wetzel County Assessor Lemley opened sealed bids for a new assessor’s office vehicle. Lemley stated that the bids were for a trade-in of an older vehicle, as well as the purchase of a new vehicle. The chosen bid was submitted by Country Roads Ford in New Martinsville. The assessor’s office will purchase a 2013 Ford Edge for $27,500, and will trade-in their 2007 GMC Truck for $13,500.

In other assessor office matters, Lemley stated he is pleased with his job and thanked the commission for working with him. He stressed that his entire staff is doing an excellent job. As to compliance issues left over from the previous office, he stated, “I am working toward becoming compliant with state law as it relates to fair market value of properties in Wetzel County.”

He added, “My plan is to have a minimal impact on the citizens and phase the plan in over a period of years. The issues I am facing with valuation are written in state law. Also, I am hoping by July 1st to have the service available that residents will be able to file personal property assessments on-line.

The option will still be available for residents to call the office, come into the office, or mail their assessment forms back to the assessor.”

Lemley also noted that the office is moving forward with digitizing their tax maps and making this service available online as well.

In another matter, Wetzel County Clerk Carol Haught updated the commission on some new software that will enable her office to get records online. She stated that the Complete System Support, Inc. software will enable 20 years worth of records online, from 1993 to now. Haught stated that this is the first step in getting records online. President Mason signed off on the plan.