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Official Seal Created For Wetzel County

By Staff | Mar 20, 2013

Pictured from left are Wetzel County Commissioners Bob Gorby, Don Mason, and Larry Lemon, along with Earl and Connie Yost who presented the county seal design by their daughter, Tony Peck. The group is standing with Wetzel County’s new seal. (Photo by Lauren Riggs)

Earl Yost, along with his wife Connie Yost, presented Wetzel County commissioners with the design of the official county seal Tuesday morning. The seal was created by Tony Peck, the Yosts’ daughter, who is a graphic designer in Orlando, Fla.

“We want to take this opportunity to thank you and your daughter for coordinating efforts,” stated Commission President Don Mason. “We really, really appreciate your effort in doing this.” Earl Yost downplayed the effort, saying his daughter felt, “This is her hometown too.”

In another matter, a recent West Virginia Supreme Court audit shows that the Wetzel County Magistrate Office is in need of some security upgrades, according to Wetzel County Chief Probation Officer John D. Lantz.

Lantz approached Wetzel County Commissioners Tuesday morning for the signing of a West Virginia Court Security Fund grant application. Lantz stated $25,000 is being requested to fund security upgrades. The application includes letters of support from elected officials, as well as Lantz’s drawings of the layout of the magistrate office.

Lantz stated the new system will have “nine to 10 interior cameras,” and each employee will have a panic alarm. Wetzel County 911 dispatch will also be equipped with a color monitor that will view cameras inside the magistrate building. Lantz noted the panic alarm buttons will allow the downloading of instant messages to 911 and deputies.

Wetzel County Commissioners signed a proclamation Tuesday declaring today as Kick Butts Day 2013. The national initiative helps to raise awareness in communities about reducing tobacco usage. Pictured from left are: Jill Cox, Family Resource Network Director in Tyler County; Wetzel County Cancer Coalition Members Mary Ritchea and Liz Hartman; Regional Prevention Coordinator for the American Lung Association, Jon Lewis; Commissioner Larry Lemon; Commission President Don Mason, and Commission Vice President Bob Gorby. (Photo by Lauren Riggs)

The grant will run from July 1, 2013, to June 30, 2014. Lantz stated that the awards will go out in May and Wetzel County will find out sometime in late May whether or not they will receive the funds. Lantz added that a new security system, which would be installed by Camel Technologies, should be operational by fall.

In another matter, commissioners signed a proclamation that declares today as “Kick Butts Day 2013.” Jon Lewis, prevention coordinator for the American Lung Association, stated that Kick Butts Day 2013 is a national initiative and a campaign for tobacco free kids. “It’s an event to raise awareness in communities about reduction in tobacco usage.” Lewis stated that there are several events happening nationally for the cause and, when asked, he added that it is up to local RAZE groups as to whether or not they do activities within the county.

Joining Lewis for the signing of the proclamation were Liz Hartman, Mary Ritchea, and Mary Ellen Conn of Wetzel County’s Cancer Coalition Group. Jill Cox of Tyler County’s Family Resource Network was also present.