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Gorby Pleads To?Drug Charges

By Staff | Mar 20, 2013

Trisha Lee Gorby, 27, of P.O. Box 131, Hundred, pleaded guilty March 8 in Wetzel County Circuit Court, under the Honorable Judge David W. Hummel, to delivery of a controlled substance, morphine.

For this offense, Gorby was sentenced to one to 15 years in the West Virginia Penitentiary for Women. However, the imposition of incarceration was suspended, and instead, Gorby will serve two years of supervised probation.

Haught stated that an additional stipulation to the plea would be that if a drug court is established in Wetzel County within the two years of Gorby’s probation, she would have to comply with the drug court. Gorby is to also pay $65.95 in restitution within 120 days of the March 8 date.

Gorby was also to be drug tested after Friday’s hearing.

In another matter, Brian Leroy Wade, 49, of North Central Regional Jail, pleaded guilty Friday to counts six and nine, entry of a building other than a dwelling and possession of a stolen vehicle, of his 11-count indictment.

For these offenses, Wade was sentenced to one to 10 years for each of these sentences. However, due to a recidivist information filed by the Wetzel County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Wade’s two- to 10-year sentence was doubled to not less than four nor more than 20 years. This sentence will run concurrently with sentences out of Tyler and Wood counties.

Also, Tiffany Mae Garrison, 22, of P.O. Box 321, Littleton, pleaded guilty to two counts of misdemeanor battery.

For each count Garrison was sentenced to six months in the West Virginia Penitentiary for Women.

These six-month sentences were to be served consecutively.

However, the execution of this sentence was suspended, and Garrison will be on supervised probation for a year.

She’s ordered to make restitution and, furthermore, she is to testify truthfully against her co-defendant, Sarah Irene Watson, should that case go to trial.

If Garrison does in fact testify, and it is believed she is untruthful in her testimony, she would instead serve six months for each count in prison.

Sarah Irene Watson, 21, of P.O. Box 125, Littleton, has until March 13 to accept a plea agreement or else her case will go to trial on March 22.

Watson was handed two indictments by the January 2013 grand jury, which charges her with a total of two felony counts of nighttime burglary and one misdemeanor battery.

The offered plea would be to a felony nighttime burglary and a pre-sentencing report would be filed in the matter.

In another matter, the case of Jahna Jo Watson, 20, of P.O. Box 131, Hundred, has been set for trial for March 22, 9 a.m.

Count one of Watson’s two-count indictment alleges that on or about June 6, 2011, Watson feloniously delivered marijuana, a Schedule I controlled substance, in Wetzel County. Count two alleges that Watson committed the same offense on June 8, 2011.